January 30, 2018

Cactus Love

I love the look of a cactus, I am not great caring for plants, so
don't have in my house.  I forget to water them, or overwater them.  But I bet I could look after a cactus.  I was sitting at the art desk
one day fooling around on butcher paper, seeing how much paint
it could take, and this is what came out of it.  Now I don't recommend painting a picture you want to keep on it, because who
knows how long it will stand up.  But I could not throw it away,
I loved the way it came out.  I wanted to give it to my friend, who's
house we go to every October who lives in the winter in Arizona. I
made a print of it, but I asked her if she wanted the original.  She
wanted the original.  So now this picture which started on as an orange blob lives in Phoenix.

January 22, 2018

mixed media collage vrs painting

Did you know I love to mix painting and collage together.  I am
not great at it, but I love to do it.  I somehow feel that when you
do collage it has to tell a story.  I know there are no rules to collage
and its do what feels good to you.  But I need to tell a story,
even if its in my head.  What do you see here?  Here is what I saw when creating this piece of art.  I see Mrs. Duck (that's what we will call her) walking into town, thinking hum what do I need for theduck families dinner.

Ok that's my story, what's yours


January 18, 2018

working on board

This little Miss I created on cradle board, I have decided that I like working on board.  I think it absorbs the color more.  

Today I am working on some art for the shop, a little something
different, lets hope it turns out.



January 12, 2018

Leaving the house

I created this piece of art on board.  I like working on board.  I think it holds the paint well, and the color seems to pop.  This started out a board with a collage of color over it.  But it soon morphed into this tween and her house.  Linking to paint party
Friday, just to let you know I am leaving comments but they
don't seem to be getting there, keep getting error messages.  I am trying to figure this out, so don't think I haven't been leaving comments because I have.  I think all the art on paint party Friday


January 11, 2018

Girls just need some space

Today I woke up unhappy with myself and the world.  Okay I had
gained a few pounds over the holidays, which made me  grumpy 
plus we are having a severe cold spell.  So cold its a weather warning.  I decided to ignore all that and of course get in
my car and go out.  Bundled up, sweater,coat,scarf,gloves,boots and took myself out shopping.  First went to Marshalls, looked around, didn't buy anything, of course I really don't need anything.  Headed over to Michael's bought a couple of Christmassy things on sale.  Then went to the dollar store, I found some sharpie brush pens 5 in pkg for 3.00.  I had just spent just a couple of weeks ago
for 1 sharpie brush pen, 3.00.  So I was happy about that.  Then
I took myself off for a haircut, and now all is right with the world.
Sometimes a girl just has to have time for herself and spend some money.

January 6, 2018

welcome to my world

Hey how are you all?  I know I said I was going to post more but
time seems to have slipped away, and here it is almost two weeks later.  
This morning I have already made a batch of muffins, and showered and dressed and its 10:00 am, usually I like to hang around in my pj's till noon. But today is a busy day, going to make some art in the studio, pick up the shopper at the airport.  She and
her husband are returning from their Christmas trip to Palm Springs.  They have had outstanding nice weather, they are in for
a surprise here the weather is cold and snowy.

I have been doing more research and taking some webinars for selling on etsy.  Who knew it took such a lot of work to sell in your store.  If you don't have the right words for the search engine you don't get seen.  So now I am going back over all my art in my etsy shop and changing the words, and my titles of my art.  The longer
the titles the better for you.

I am linking today to paint party http://paintpartyfriday.blogspot.ca/

January 1, 2018

hello 2018

well 2017 was quite a year, I am looking forward to 2018 with lofty goals and high hopes.

2017 brought to me many unexpected gifts 

I sold 3 pieces of art
I was short listed to sell my art in our new Museum , didn't get
selected but was happy to be shortlisted. 

Joined an art journal group, that I found some new friends in

Travelled to Phoenix with friends for 10 days, and had a fabulous

Travelled with the hubster to Ottawa, as well as went and stayed at a cabin the Muskoka, with family and just enjoyed the water and
the company

Went on a car trip with the hubster through the rockies, and travelled to Vancouver and had beautiful weather.  Saw many old friends and relatives

Fell in the bathtub and bruised my ribs

opened my ETSY shop and bought my domain name of

went to a few good movies, and a few stinkers

did not blog enough - 2018 will blog more

lost and gained weight

read some great books

created some good and bad art

and I know more happened but cant remember what else so I am
looking forward to 2018.  I turn a milestone birthday age in March
which I am not looking forward to but have created a 20 item
bucket list that I want to accomplish by the end of 2018.  

so lets all get busy and have a great and wonderful 2018

Happy New Year