August 31, 2015

Day 1 -29 Faces I call her Lucy

I love participating in 29 faces because I really think that
it helps me to improve my drawing of faces.
the more you draw the better you get
Lucy has been on my mind for awhile, somewhere between girl and teen
sweet, with a touch of bad.  I drew her in pencil, and then used
markers on hershirt.  The wallpaper I drew first in pen, then
used marker again.  The face I used crayon.  First face
down only 28 more to go.

August 28, 2015

friday selfie , tuts, and vids

well here it is Friday again, this is me, my version anway
draw a selfie, get ready for 29 faces starting September 1
I think I should do the advertising for it, (lol)
okay you here for the tuts and the vids, and not to listen to me

since 29 faces is coming up I want you
all to participate and lets make it fun
I thought I would find some great vids of faces and I found
some great ones, that I am going to try, I need all the help I can get.

Kathy Arbour is great, she shares all her tips and techniques, I love
it when people share, don't you?
another one by Kathy arbour

a new lady I found and I like her

another great site, to show your faces,  she has a great site, she is good, really good, visit you wont be sorry

okay you need a break, here for your musical enjoyment my favourite song

Paint party Friday a place to be seen and see great artworks, inspirational

back to my favourite cooked Byron is making chicken pot pie the easy way

I like this girl |Rhomany and I like her art

baltzer design, lots of good info and a place to show
and be seen, and see another artists


August 26, 2015

Summertime blues

can you believe how august has flown by
the schools go back on the 8th of September
later every year
its cool here in the mornings, always in August
but gets hotter in the day
already feels like September
the shopper and the boyfriend are off to Palm Springs on Saturday
for a little rest and relaxation, I don't know if
they can take the heat, I know I could not
don't forget 29 faces starts on September 1
you will be so sick of my faces by then
I am working on my 2 canvases to give to my friends
I hope they like them, you will be first to see
them when I am finished.
so as you can see not much has happened around here
that is newsworthy, just enjoying the last of the
summer, what are you doing for the rest of
the summer?

August 24, 2015


hope you all had a great weekend
lately I have been obsessed with putting my art onto photographs
painting on cardboard
watching Netflex
walking around the house with my ipod in my ear listening to audiobooks from the library
organizing everything in sight
eating Costco ice cream
watching youtube
what are you obsessing over lately

August 21, 2015

Friday Tuts and Vids

I am late today, been busy.  Costco run, made  up some food for my daughter,
getting burgers ready for tonight, you know woman's work (lol)
on to better things, the vids, again this week kind of slim pickings, but I
think I have some good for you.  So here they are

This one is Mystelle who is paintng a face, so fast looks easy, could be you never thought of this
This is one of my fav ladies her name is suzi, and she is working with wrapping paper today,
a very cool video
this is by my girl crush ceecee love the way she does this journal page

paint a face Friday very cool site to see faces, and your show your own

make your own simple art journal

baltzer designs makes a abstract page and shows it on video plus link up work art journal page

paint party Friday link up your work

if you have seen anymore that are great let me know I will post them next week.

August 20, 2015

Thursday rembrances

I have a great friend, you know who you are ML.  She worked with me for
years, and sometimes at work she wore a scarf around her neck like this.
And I always commented on it, not my style for sure, but it looked good
on her. It was her style. When I think back to those work years, I think
two things, I made some great friends, and how the hell did I ever
work there for 35 years.  I am so happy to be retired.

August 18, 2015

Organizing my way

she is peeking out from the frame
I wish I remembered where I got these stock photos from
today I am cleaning out the den cupboards,
its amazing what stuff you find in there
I am kinda following  the Japanese way of
organizing, Letting go of stuff has never been
to hard for me, so I guess I don't have any
hoarder genes, except in my studio of course.

August 17, 2015

Gelli Plate Art

Gelli plate art, is my one of my favourite ways to create art.
I take a day or two, great a bunch of gelli plate papers
and then I have a bunch of papers ready to use in my art.
I love this paper so much I just decided to draw on it
with a stabile pence, and that was it.  I love the way it turned out.

August 16, 2015

Having fun today

oh what should I wear today
Just having fun today playing around with some
of my images, and some stock photography.  You
can do so much if you have photoshop or something
like it.

August 15, 2015

29 faces of me

did you know that  |29 faces starts in September"
do you participate
this year I am going to do each week a different master
ex.  first week Modigliani, second week Picasso etc
they painted a lot of women back then
of course I am going to do my style
I think its going to be fun, are you going to

August 14, 2015

Friday Tuts and Vids

My take on Modigliani :Man with Hat
They sure came up with some snappy names back then
okay I know why you came, so lets get right to it
slim pickings this week, must be because its summer.
the first one is by Seal Lemon, I love this girl,
in this video she shows you how to make book cloth
for your books.  I have made some, so easy, and
sturdy.  It makes your books look more professional,
take a long at this video and tell me after you see it
you are not going to make it

Jane Davenport has these art lessons on youtube
short ones, where she uses all kinds of supplies,
I actually learned a lot watching them,

I took a course awhile back using muslin and painting
it to look like old world paintings, I have watched
these videos and they are just as good as the course
and they are free

next she paints the cover of her small dylusions journal
I still want to paint my cover of my big one

Linking to Paint Party Friday

Kims "Show your face

 oh the blogloving awards are
back, ever dream of being nominated
check out all these blogs
and see what they have that you don't
who knows next year we could be voting for you
and that's it for this week, hope you enjoy them
I did.

August 12, 2015

A little of this and that

being drawing a lot lately just using markers
everyday I do some sort of drawing
It helps improve
today went with a friend to see Ricky and the Flash
with Meryl Streep and her daughter
not a bad movie, middle of the road.
the shopper and the husband have been sanding down the deck
getting ready to paint it
tomorrow is get my hair cut day
I know the excitement is over the top
I cant even stand to read what I have written
But one thing I did do I have wanted Posca markers forever
so I ordered them on they come from
Japan, so a few weeks, I tried to get them all over but
cant find them anywhere else.

August 10, 2015

works in progress

These are all canvases in progress, just starting laying down the paint.
So no judgements.
1.  The map for the shopper and the boyfriend, once its all painted,
you will see my vision (lets hope so)
2.  that's on wood haven't quite decided the way I am going on that one.
3.  The lady looks a little full figured, well she is suppose to be,
that's my take on a woman on the beach, she will be wearing
a white swimming cap as well.
4.  The last one started with me laying down wall paper,
mistake number 1, then I added gesso, and then
started laying down the paint, now you see all those
bubbles, I don't know what I am going to do, I tried pin pricking,
not much happens, I might have to lay down some texture
so you don't see them, if you have any suggestions, let me know.
ok that's what I am working on now.

August 9, 2015

I had a vision....

I decided to try my hand at making children's art.  I thought about framing this
and giving it to my new niece Hazel Grace.  But when I looked at I thought
it really not appropriate for a new born baby room.  Maybe at a later date.
Its hot again today, I am not complaining, our winter lasts to long here,
and I pine for warm days.  I am working on a world map for the
shoppers new laundry room, with pins in it to show where
her and the boyfriend have been.  I have a vision of it in my
head, but you know how those vision's turn out, usually crap like.
So I will keep you tuned in and let you know how it turns out.

August 8, 2015

Hot hot hot

my take on fashion, did you know square shoulders are back (lol)
they are not, hopefully never will be back
news just heard, my niece just had a baby girl and
called her hazel grace, these are names are coming back
don't you know
today is going to be hot hot hot
so I am getting my stuff done early today and
the rest of the day is studio time, in the cool
of the basement.  We are having bbq salmon
for dinner and salad, so not much prep work
there needed. I am trying to quite drinking
diet coke, I don't drink coffee, tea or juice,
I love diet coke, but its not good for
you.  So I have decided 3 a day
from now on, then reduce. 

August 7, 2015

Share Friday tuts and vids

You know what day it is , that's right tut and vid day.
So without further ado I give you my weekly picks:
First Kim Dellow, has the coolest little tut on making these
very cool envelopes with a template, I am going to make
also I am linking my face to
Show your face

come on show your faces that you create

since its my blog I am including a favourite video of mine with
Adam Levine, I walk and dance down the sidewalk with this tune,
and try not to sing at the top of my lungs

I found the nicest video of a man that paints on paper towels
and how he started .  Just a great video.

and then jennibelle shows what to do with the paper towels

last but not least dina wakley how to draw faces

part two

paint party Friday as you all know I am linking to
and Julie balzerdesigns

August 6, 2015

Blotch is the name of the game...

In real  life her face is not blotchy.  When I scan my
images they don't scan face color very good.
Yesterday went to the art store, and was very
good only spent 15.00 and that was on,
2 black pens, and 4 neo colour crayons.  I am building
my stock back up slowly but surely since I
lost them all a while back. Nothing else
is new or exciting at my casa so I am
out of here talk to you all tomorrow.

August 5, 2015

Eco dyeing

You know how I love flowers.  If you don't, I love flowers, I love to draw them, and take pictures of them,    and my ladies like above I like to dress them in flowers.  Would I ever wear flowers, no.

When I went over to Gayles house the other day, she gave me a bouquet of her beautiful flowers that she grows.  Her garden is amazing.  Anyway I saw
that she is putting cotton material, rope, flowers, buds, water in a jar and
leaving it outside to sit in the sun.  So I decided to do the same,
I have started a jar, which I have been adding stuff to:
I need to add a few more things, I am thinking wild berries, now I just have to find them.
Okay I am off to lunch with my friend Lois, and then to the paint store,
for something I don't need.  I don't know what it is yet, but I will let
you know tomorrow.

August 4, 2015

A little bird told me to

had a great time enfamily last night
today its back to daily life
you know  cleaning the house, I am truly
thinking its time to downsize.  Its hard
though my husband loves this house.
Today I have some postcards to make
to send to the people who read Fridays post.
Then to library to take back a book, and
pick up a new one on order.  Then I am
going to stop on my friends house, (the one who just passed away)
and see how her husband is doing.  Then I think
the bookstore, and then second cup to have a cup of
hot cocoa and do some drawing, away from the studio
maybe some inspiration will hit me.  What are you
doing today?


August 3, 2015

Its all about.

today its all about
enjoying the day,
breathing in the sunshine,
reading, painting,  and some visiting.
My friend Gayle is dyeing fabric in jars, the eco way
so I am off to deliver some more  jars and check out her experiments.
Then its home to work on my wall paper canvas
dinner with the shopper and the boyfriend.
Today its roast, potatoes around the roast,
Yorkshire pudding, baked carrots, and coconut
cream cake from Costco.
My friend was buried on Saturday, it was what
she would have wanted, elegant, and heartfelt.  She
would have been so proud. Her husband was in
sorrow, but was welcoming to everyone.  I
will miss her but know that she is free of pain
and is finally flying free.