February 28, 2019

Birds of a feather

Well its Thursday morning and the last day of February, where has the time gone?
Today I am off to the pool for my daily exercise.  I love going to the pool, but in winter I am telling you its a pain in the butt.  Coming out with wet hair, and your hair freezing is not nice.
Last night was Art Club, we have a core group of about 10 that meetup at a COFFEE Shop and
we bring something to work on.  Twice a month we meet, and one of those weeks we have
something that set to learn.  Its a fun way to meet people, get some art done, and just chat.

When I made this drawing above I was working on a series by my favorite artist Bernard (bernie) Buffet, he made over 1000 works of art in his lifetime.  I just really admire his work. I have also
been working on a series of women of the world, I think I have finished about 10 so far.  I enjoy
working on a series as it keeps you motivated to continue on.

 I have been trying to lose a few pounds, as when I go to NYC in May.  Lots of walking to be done,
and I want these old legs in working shape.

Okay should go, talk to you soon

February 26, 2019

Send in the Clowns

well this is my second try to post today
lets see if this one works
I have been busy making homemade soup
the weather is cold really cold
hence the soup
I have been trying to fix up my ETSY site
adding and deleting
I am giving myself this year to  sell more on ETSY
and then that's it
You need to generate traffic to your site, using phrases and some other crap
and its all really confusing for an old girl like me
I need to clean the art room today
I cant work if its a mess, I can make it a mess and be okay, but I cant start in a mess
I have a whole set of clowns that I drew in Black and White this
is one of them, these are not happy clowns

ok should go
keep reading
and hopefully this blog will get better

February 23, 2019

to blog or not

Well I have come back  to the blog.  I missed it, and it is kind of a journal about me.  So if nobody reads this is it shouldn't matter.

Well lets see what have I been up to since I last blogged, the same thing I always do my life is
one big bore fest.  I thought when I retired a few years ago that my life would be just be one long
happy fest.  Don't get me wrong retirement life is really the best,, I cant imagine  working again, in my lifetime.  I worked for 35 years people, and for the same company, I guess you can tell I don't like change.

Today I went to lunch with my best buddies, two women who I have been friends with for over 35 years.  We all worked for the same place.  One of my friends winters in Arizona ,but she was home
because she became a grandmother for the first time.  A baby girl, so sweet.  So my other friend and me and her had a great lunch, full of laughs and catching up.

Okay are you watching the Oscars on Sunday,  I am going to but if its anything like the Grammys I will be turning the channel.  Am I getting old or what, the Grammys was  out of control, what happened to having a host who could entertain you?

Ok I am wrapping this up, and I hope you liked my first post I promises they will get better as I
go along