March 22, 2019

Time Flies

It seems like  winter has been here for ever.  But now that spring has sprung, the grass is showing and the snow is melting.  The
temperatures have risen, and the socks have come off.  Yep the socks now will stay off until the snow flies again, in October.

Today I am linking to paint party friday......

talk to you all soon


March 20, 2019

Spring has sprung


Are you welcoming the first day of spring.  I am, its really nice here, and the snow is melting.  

Did you know that I swim 4-5 times a week.  Well I do, I hate
exercise, but I do like to swim, so that is what I do.  I go for
an hour a day.  It gets me out of the house, and I see the same
old regulars at the pool, and we chat, and its just nice.  It helps
relieve any stress that i might have.

Had a birthday last week, and it was really nice.  Had the kids (ha kids there in there 30s) and the mother in law.  We ordered Pizza,
I made Cesar salad, and my daughter made cupcakes.  Very low
key and that  is what I wanted.  Not to much cooking, and just
being with the people I love. I received a great gift of new luggage, so beautiful, easy to push, and lightweight to start.  My old suitcase was heavy with nothing in it.  Will be great for the NYC trip.

Well should go, and put some chicken in the oven. Will talk soon.


March 15, 2019

Swimming against the tide.....


Hey how are you all doing.  This week has really been a trial by fire.  I finally decided to quit Etsy. It was a big decision as how else can I sell my art online.  I am checking a few things out.  Though to be completely honest I hardly made any money.  I offered free shipping to attract customers.  I gave myself a year on Etsy to see how things were going and if they weren't going good I was going to quit.  Well the other day I made a small sale, 5.00 but it was in the city about 3 hours away.  Well by the time etsy had got there payments I had made .32 cents.  It was at that moment, I realized it was time.  Maybe my art is not up to snuff,but its mine, and I think
its worth more than .32 cents.

So its done.....I am thinking of  creating my own website and selling my stuff there.  Lots to think about

Anyway I am linking to Paint party Friday

March 14, 2019

just pecking along

Well hello, and if your reading this welcome.

I have been busy with Dr. appointments, when you get older thats
all you do is see the Doctor.

Sold another print, to someone in Calgary the other day, which
is a city  about 3 hrs away. Etsy as changed there account policy, I still have not figured it out.  The print was 5 dollars, and the amt I was pd was .35 cents.  So you do you think its worth my time and effort to sell on etsy anymore.  So in all the print I sent to Calgary, cost me money.  Because in part of the cost of the card
I offer free shipping.
So I thinking long and hard about just getting off of etsy.

so thats its for today, my thoughts on etsy


March 9, 2019

International Woman's Day a day late

These are some of the women I have been working on for my
series "Women of the World"  they are all 5x7 , I have few more
that I have not included in this collage. I enjoy working on a series,  as you can just focus on that.

Just short and sweet today, as I just got in, and have to throw dinner together.  I am making stuffed mancotti, made the sauce yesterday,
so its half done already .

till next time 

March 8, 2019


When I painted this little lady, I imagined her as a french
girl, running out with her scarf to buy groceries.  I painted a whole series of international women, so far I think 14.

I am linking to Paint Party Friday

March 7, 2019

My life in a nutshell

I like drawing kinda of wacky cityscapes and then put lots of color in them.

I like painting with acrylics instead of watercolor because the color is more intense with acrylics

I love the paintings of Bernard Buffet and Modigliani

I am really not a Picasso fan

I sell some art on Etsy   but don't know how people can say they make money on it

I  have a home studio in the basement

I have been married 45 years to the same man ----I know right yes some days I would trade him in

I have one child ---a girl----who is 30 and married

I have been to Europe, Mexico, USA, and the Caribbean.

I am going to New York for a week in May...I have never been there

I live in Canada, and its snows and is cold here in the winter

I live in a house which we own

I am retired after working at the same job for 35 years.....I know so adventurous

I have a few select friends that I have been friends with for over 35 years

I am on a perpetual diet

I love to cook, and I love to experiment with food

I love to cook low fat,,,,,,favourite website to cook from Skinnytaste

A few things about me,,,,,,you didn't know....or probably never wanted to know