July 31, 2015

Friday Tuts and More (read carefully special hidden info)

She is called retro girl, just a sketch, an idea maybe worth
pursing maybe not.
Friday again, and you know what that means tuts to share,
new bloggers to showcase, so without further ado,
here we go.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEvzq2c4z3o shows you how to paints a flower
I know you say a flower, but honestly, its a great video, mixed media as well, no talking just shows you, really worth to be on your watchlist.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in-c8KE0d8k this is a cooking video, with my favourite guy, he is making a chicken cordonblue sandwich, looks delicious and you will want to run to kitchen and make one, he is so easy to listen to, and easy directions.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LHZ-0-XoY4 I just found this girl, and I love her she is easy listening, put her project is with ventioan plaster, and she does a journal cover, but I took a course and made a painting over the plaster and it looks really old world, take a look.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNhR6wIZkJo I love this one, gelli plate video,
watch what she does inside her journal, color explodes and she does in the journal.
I bought a 3x5 gelli plate, and its does everything I want.  Truthfully

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqUrF8aR83U  a fast little video, which I love ,gosh I say that a lot but so true, using dulsons paint, get some if you don't have any, the color is out of this world, and a little goes a long long way, anyway to makes a plain little card makes it pop, think postcard, making one and sending it to me, or me sending you all out postcards, so here's a little test to see if you read my remarks, if you read this leave me a comment, and I will make you a postcard, and send it to you, I mean it, if 85 people leave comments you will all get a postcard, so leave a remark and email me your address, my email is on my profile.

another favourite Friday faces, kim dellows site, a place to put all the faces you create,
and you know how I love to create faces, and a good place for other artists to get to know your work, http://www.kimdellow.co.uk/2015/07/art-it-friday-show-your-face_31.html

linking up to paint party Friday as well   http://paintpartyfriday.blogspot.ca/2015/07/paint-party-friday-week-21-year-5-check.html

July 29, 2015

Times they are a changing....

Her jaw is to big, but at least she is not in her regular pose, I am
trying to change up the girls, so they look different.
My neighbour has been staying here, until she moves
to Ottawa tomorrow, so I have been busy and not
much art has been created. I have  a few things
in the works, one canvas I have covered with vintage
wallpaper and gessoed it, but it still shows thru,
I am excited to see what I am going to do with
that one,  I am working on eulogy as the funeral
is on Saturday.  And that's it for today, other
than we are going out for a farewell dinner

July 27, 2015

The ampersand

The shopper just finished her basement laundry room, and its
a beautiful room, makes even me want to do laundry.
She has been scouring the city to find an ampersand
to put on the walls.  So I made her one, I hope she likes
it , its a surprise, she doesn't read the blog so I can
freely show it here.  Its in one of those canvas that is
really skinny, and now I am going to put it in a
nice black frame from IKEA.  So that's just
a little something I thought I would give you a first
peek at, its not quite finished yet but 95%.

July 26, 2015

Singing the blues.....

today is all about cooking
made lowfat muffins
fruit salad
chicken noodle soup
that's what I do when I am upset what do you do?

July 25, 2015

Sad news....

My friend who I have know for 50 plus years, died yesterday.
I was at her bedside, along with her husband, my husband,
and her brothers. It was a very sad time for everyone involved.
But I hate to say it but it was best for her, she was suffering,
she had stage 4 lung cancer, her kidney had shut down,
and had just had her 4th heart attack, plus she has scleroderma.
She couldn't talk anymore, use her hands, or move her
legs, all that happened in a matter of a few days.  I know
she has gone to a better place.  Today her husband asked me
to do the eulogy for the funeral.  So I have been thinking
of all our years together as friends, and her life.  She
took what  life handed her which was basically  bowl of lemons, and she made
lemonade, she never complained ever.  I want my life
to be like that.....wouldn't you like someone to remember
you as a person who lived her life to the fullest
even if you  bowl was half empty.


July 24, 2015

Friday tuts and links

well its that day, tut day, I have found some I liked and
hope you will to.  It was on youtube the #summer of art
so some great videos I hope you haven't seem them yet.
So without further ado here are some great sites
Show your face
#lovesummerart the art Sherpa a new find
#love summerart
    http://thenectarcollective.com/no-one-reading-your-blog/ 5 reasons why no one reading your blog. 


    ok enough for today, talk to you soon


July 22, 2015

The Librarian speaks.

Hey fellow bloggers, just thought I would sit down a write a few
words, while its quite around here.  Nobody needs my attention at
the moment.  The lady above looks like she has some wild hair
happening, just think of her with a strong breeze blowing thru
her hair.  I am off to the airport, to pick up a friend that has come
into town on a fly by visit, she is the one we go to Phoenix with
in October.  Yesterday went to my monthly art journaling class,
which I happen to love, just lots of laughs, and oh and awing over everybody's art.
Lots of art tips, and just general fun.   Right now I am reading two great books,
one I bought which is Pam Carrikers Portraits book, which I highly recommend,
I took it out of the library first, decided I liked it and bought it.  I have
to many art books that I have bought and never used.  The second book
which I got out of the Library is Lisa Congdons, book called Art Inc.  Its about
building your Career as a Artist.  You know I thought I was to old , but you
know she just fell into Art at the age of 32 and she is very successful.  I
also recommend this book.  The cd I am listening to in the car, I cant
get enough of its called The Wife tale by Lori Lansens, I recommend this cd, or book, I knowyou will like it, if you have ever had a weight problem, you will
know how she feels. Look at me acting like your Librarian.  The weather is crap
today, so no sitting on the deck unless I need another shower.  So I am
off to the art room to try to work on something, anything, I need some
inspiration.  What you are doing today? 

July 20, 2015

Getting by.....

Hey, how was your weekend.  Mine was good, not great, but good.
My friend is much sicker and has not much time left, so I
have been spending time with her.  Iwent to a art sale, bought a few supplies.
 Had the shopper and
the boyfriend over for dinner, did a little bit of sketching, some
posting on instagram, and watched a little TV. 
Today I am having lunch with my neighbour, and then I am going
up to the hospital to visit my friend, its leftovers for dinner.  I have been
reading this book about the Japanese way of organizing,  I
am going to try it out on the studio.  Sometimes when I am stuck
in a art rut shuffling around my supplies helps.  What helps you
get out of an art rut?

July 17, 2015

Friday Links and Tuts

Linking to show your face......

this weeks tuts are 
   cee cee is back with a great idea I am joining are you....

My favourite easy video how to make book cloth so easy I made some

I love this girl and have watched all her videos, she loves color like me have a look you will like her too
also linking paint party Friday

That's it for today hope you like my choices this week


July 15, 2015

Technique Wednesday

This is my favourite technique that gives a lot humph .  I made this
on card stock, I used watercolours in the background including the flowers,
waited till it dried, and then used Velum attached it will glue to the card
and then drew and painted ontop of the vellum and then wrapped the whole
think in washi tape.  Easy but I always love the look.  Not my original idea
but I cant remember where I got the idea from.


July 13, 2015


I drew this in my sketchbook last night, and used my
go to I am lazy and don't want to paint makers.  I like
using markers, they can get you that bright color pops you want, no
fuss no muss.  My friend is in the hospital again, and this
time I don't think she will make it out.  So of course she
has been on my mind, and in my dreams, I have been
having nightmares and wake up screaming, scare everybody in
the house including me (lol).  So I really haven't been getting
a lot of sleep.  So I haven't had a boat load of energy,so
I thought I would go on a long walk today and get my
motor running, and try to get some energy to face the rest of the day.
Tonight we are having skinny chicken enchiladas, they are delicious
I kid you not.  So if you want the recipe I will send it to you.

July 11, 2015


I did this girl in my sketchbook and then I did something on the opposite page
and didn't realize that the color bled thru, so now she has a stripe.  Oh well
that's what happens in a sketchbook.  Today its really smokey out, we
have at least 100 forest fires in our province burning out of control.  It has been
an usually hot summer hear with very little rain.  Before you know it,
we will be the new California of the north, and California, will be alberta.
Today I am off to Ikea with the shopper, she is doing her basement and
needs to look at the laminate for the counters.  I am tagging along
because I like Ikea and cannot resist.  Last night I went to the mall (which
I try to avoid in the summer) because its packed full of tourists, and bought
a new pair shorts (for the trip, which we won to the Caribbean, because
when we go which will be in the winter, they wont have summer clothes out yet.
So I am buying a few things at a time, things I need for sure are
beach hat (hats and me don't have a good look)
sun dresses at least 2
beach coverup
and as I think of more I write it down. I have summer clothes of course,
but things I normally wont wear around here but would wear at the beach.
Okay gotta go also have meatballs in the ovens cooking, so the bell
is ringing they are done.  Talk to you all soon.  Whats you favourite
item that you would take on a beach TRIP.
Also I am linking this over to http://www.kimdellow.co.uk/2015/07/art-it-friday-show-your-face_10.html great site give it a visit

July 10, 2015

Mail Call and tuts

This is a mailart enevolpe that I made that is ready to be filled with
art goodness and mailed out.  How I made (I know you all know but I am going to tell you anyway).  I had a brown envelope folded it in half, had some painted papers around, stuck them on the envelope and then drew the village, used markers on it, and then sewed up the sides, with the machine, and here it is.  Today I am linking
up to  http://art-journal-journey.blogspot.ca/2015/07/72015-post-postage.html
the challenge.

Today I found some great videos just in case your interested:
If you ever wanted to see Carolyn Dube studio (I have )

Handmade Journal and I have made this one and love it and am making another one

I always one of these for my backyard and this year I am going to make it

Hope you like these and try one of them.


July 9, 2015

A rose is a rose......

Good morning bloggers, don't you just love summer.  You wake up
shower, put on a minimum of clothing and just enjoy the day.
I received some beautiful roses from my neighbour yesterday.  So
I took a picture of them , put in on my computer.  Opened up
photoshop elements, chose filters/artistic/watercolours and here they are.
A piece of art in its self.  Today me and my camera are going to
go out and take some photos just because we can.  Then its off to
staples to order my favourite pen, and then home to paint in the studio or outside.
and dinner the dinner fairy is coming in, because I don't know what to
cook, don't you get sick of trying to figure out whats for dinner everynight
I do......What are you having tonight give me some ideas....or its beans
on toast (lol).....

July 8, 2015

The Transfer Connection

This is a transfer done on wood, I think the wood takes the transfer
the best, the ladies were the transfer.  I have it hanging in my studio.
Well I have been busy setting up blog loving, at first I did not know
what it was for, but its for all your links (on the side) you set
up an acct it goes under your name, and you can just go
there and see all your favourite links one right after another, this
is very handy.  Now I joined goggle plus I am still trying my hardest
to figure out what that does, I am going to try to get on Google friend,
and give up on google plus.
The skinny chicken parm I made last night was absolutely delicious  if anyone
wants the recipe I will scan and send it to you.  So good, and easy.
Tonight its leftovers, the shopper (aka the daughter) is coming over
for some  I am off to the hospital to visit my friend, and then
home to sit on the deck till I cant stand the heat anymore, 5 minutes
tops I will be back in the house.
Okay gotta go talk to you all soon.

July 7, 2015

A little of this and sprinking of that

well I am back, I think I have resolved the issues of my blog list
many thanks to Sheila from http://orangeesmeralda.blogspot.ca/
who emailed me with suggestions, and these links so far work.  I am
adding them slowly from my old blog.
I also received a email from Stefanie Stark from http://stefaniestark.blogspot.ca/ wondering where I have been which was nice for my ego.  So I am making headway in my search for readers for the blog.
Today I am linking to a challenge about mailposts and stamps from http://art-journal-journey.blogspot.co.at/.

Back on the never ending diet, this time a buddy of mine has joined me,
and we are doing this together, sharing tips, cooking tips, exercise tips, etc.
I think it works better for me with a buddy, and I also write everything
I put in my mouth and count.  I have done WW so many times, I am
a lifetime member (lol).  I find counting calories works for me, as you can
tell its lifetime (lol). Okay I am off to Costco to spend more money
than I plan to.  Keep cool those of you in Europe tomorrow here its 30 cel
so the air conditioning will be humming at my house.


July 6, 2015

she was always a little off kilter

well its a beautiful summer day here
its all about lunch with a friend
returns to the library
going to chapters to buy Pam Carrikers new book called portraits
its a good book got it from the library and its worth the money
clean up in the art room going to finish it
I clean when I am in a art slump
leftovers for dinner
finishing the movie lost Girl with my boy Ben Affleck
sit on the deck and enjoy the weather with my sketchbook in hand
been watching my favourite July sport the Tour De France

July 4, 2015

her name is hashtag

I called her hashtag because she likes to wear them on her sweater.
I have found a good site that every Friday does faces, and I thought I
would give you the link just in case you don't have it.  http://www.kimdellow.co.uk/

she is also a very good artist so go check out her site.


July 3, 2015


The picture above was done with a black pen that bleeds
when wet, the lazy man's why to paint.  But I like
the results it gets.  Today is Video Friday I am going to
ink to some great art videos or new sites that I have
discovered.  So without further ado lets go:::::
to covers her art journal which turns out fabulous and pours a pouring medium on it
which I am definitely gonna to try.
I just love watching this woman work, she makes it
seem effortless, but yet the page turns out beautiful
I watch all the guys food videos he makes
it look easy to cook
making fabric paper out of construction paper
she makes paste paper out of scrapbook paper and
how many of scrapbook paper do you have and have not used.
Ok I am linking today to
this months challenge is the profile
ok that's it for today I hope you enjoy these videos as I did
and if you make any of these let me know.

July 2, 2015

waiting for normal......

http://mix-it-monthly.blogspot.ca/ this month is all about the profile

So I have begun my campaign for more readers, but I don't think it is working.
I signed up for Blogloving, but I still cant find my blog on there.  And really I
am not sure how it works.  I think when I want to look at my favourite blogs I can put them in a list and just click on them, but I think they have to be on blogloving.  God this technical stuff gets me, what ever happened to a pencil haha.  I am not that bad.  Today I went off to Walmart because I have not been there in a while, looked at the
paint stuff, looked at the books and magazines, bought some hair dye, and that's the only thing I bought.  But it got me out of the house and interacting with other people other than the hubby and the neighbours.  Do you ever feel like that, once you quit work your whole circle of people gets a lot smaller.  Okay going to get on with my day.  Whats on your agenda today?  PS Would someone click on my links on the right under favourite blogs which I am trying to add to, and see if it takes you right there, I am getting errors.....

July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day

Today is Canada Day......its beautiful out, the sun is shining and its BBQ weather.
No I am not BBQ tonight we are having leftovers, Tuna Casserole, a throw back
to the 70's, except mine is skinny tuna Casserole, just as delicious but
not with all those pesky calories.
Today I cleaned my summer and winter closets , got rid of
old things that don't fit, put the slippery items that fall off the
hanger onto new hangers with felt on them (thanks dollar store 4 hangers for 2.00)
and tried an new way to hang tanks.  This idea I got off pinterest and
works so good.  Give it a try.
this is not my image got it off facebook