March 27, 2016

News from Cauraco

The all long the beach are these amazing abandoned houses. Right on the ocean.  They are just left to rot.  As this island is a world heritage site it's costs a lot of money to fix them.
I ave been creating art in this little book I brought and some black pens and a watercolor set.
I enjoy just doing nothing but the hubster not so much.  This is not the kind of holiday for him.
The weather has been amazing
Everyday there is a breeze which helps with the heat
Apparently there is no wind in August,sep,October and is hotter than hell
We having been laying under a palm hut today because we are burnt
Not a local quite yet
We don't go far at night because we advised against not quite safe
The have entertainment every night and you eat under the stars
Saw a wedding yesterday very beautiful
3 restaurants at this resort food is very good

March 26, 2016

beach baby

Hello from Cauraco the weather has be great
I am burnt to a crisp
Been sitting in the sun
Swimming in the ocean
Making art on the beach
Swimming in the pool
Eating lots of fruit
Just enjoying life
Oh why wasn't I born a millionaire so I could live this way everyday

March 22, 2016

She wore an itsy bitsy tinee weenee.l.......

Well I dropped 4 lbs this week at weight watchers yeah me
I have finished packing if I forgot something oh well
if I have my passport and American MONEY (or should I
call it GOLD... I am good to go.
even packed my snorkeling gear
so I am gone for 10 days
I am taking a drawing journal with
me, and just watercolors, and we
will see what happens.  Giggles
gave me a great suggestion about
sending a postcard home everyday with
things that we did and what we saw.
then make it into a book, great suggestion
and I am going to do it for sure.
Okay pretty soon, I am off to
fly the friendly sky's, (I hope there friendly)
and you will hear from me, from Curacao

March 19, 2016

Car Tunes... My playlist

 well its almost  time for me to go on that vacation
1 more day, we leave 12:pm Tuesday night.

I  was thinking a lot about the road trip I'm going to be taking soon, so I wanted to share my road trip playlist! I've been reading a lot of road trip posts from" rel="norewrite" shape="rect" target="_blank">car rental</a>  company Turo recently -- check them out if you're hitting the road soon.

I love to create  different playlists on my  ipod , so I created one for the summer
roadtrips, I plan on taking this year.  This year is all about travel,
this is my year.

 .  And I know you all are saying
to yourself right now, I hope she tells us whats on her
playlist.  (lol)
ok hold on to your seats, here we go::::

all about that bass, Meghan trainer
Be your friend :Ranni and Chips
Both sides now:  Joni Mitchell
Moonshadow:  Cat Stevens
Red Dirt Road:  Brooks and Dunn
Roar: Katy Perry
Shower the People:  James Taylor
Your So Vain:  Carly Simon
Stay with Me:  Sam Smith
Sugar: Maroon 5
Walk Tall: John Mellencamp
Tequila Sunrise:  Eagles
Walkaway Joe:  Trisha Yearwood
Will you love me Tomorrow:  Carol King
Thinking aloud:  Ed Sherran

March 18, 2016

some tuts etc

Lets hear it for Friday....Had a great birthday,
went out with the family for dinner
got some great presents
and stayed on my diet, point for me
Just watched a great video and wanted to
link it here for you to watch
Signed up for two new online classes, easy portraits, and colourful birds over
at my favourite artists Alisha Burkes she has a great sale on

March 16, 2016


well its been a busy couple of days around the old homestead
Devil Dog has not been herself for a couple of weeks,\
so we decided she needed a trip to the Doctor, for a checkup
while she has cancer, she has lung cancer, and stomach cancer,
something is also wrong with her spine, cancer, they aren't sure.
nothing can be done about this except keep her comfortable
according to the vet is 1 month - 6 months
we were so upset we almost cancelled the holiday
she like a child to us.  But my daughter assured us she
would ensure she felt loved and cared for while we were gone.
She is off her food, she sleeps all the time, but the vet
says she really isn't in any pain, yet, she is not whimpering
I think she will tell us when she's ready to go,
Okay enough gloom, the weather in Curacao is 31 today
and here its 4, so looking forward to that, a week
today we will be there.

March 14, 2016

Mr and Mrs Clean

Hey, well today was all about clean up, yep
the hubster likes to move all the furniture, vacuum, do the floors
wipe down all the windows and baseboards, dust, and fluff.
Of course he doesn't do this by himself I of course help,
he likes to do this 4 times a year.  But of course its done
every week as well when we clean up.  Yep you guessed
it he is a little clean obsessed.
So that took just about all day, he has now gone to do an errand,
I think he needs to get off retirement and go back to work.
Just so I can have a little peace and quiet around here. (lol)
I asked him what he was going to do well we were on
holidays , I suggested he rent himself out to the hotel
and be a cleaning lady while we are there (lol) he
did not think that was to funny.
I have been thinking about tanning before we go  but its so bad for you.  So
I decided on a spray tan, a day before we go on the holiday, that
way, I wont look as pasty white as I look now.
Checked the temp there 31 all this week.  We will be there
next Wednesday at 10:00 at night.  I think we are taking the
milk run, Edmonton to Toronto, Toronto to Miami, and Miami to Curacao.
We live at 12:00am and arrive there at 10:00 PM, its going to be a long

March 13, 2016

Hey how's your Sunday going.?
Well let's see what have I been up to
Went to Costco I love love there turkey peppering sticks
2 for 2 pts what a deal
Got a pedicure so these feet are ready for the beach
Met a lady getting a pedicure who has been to CuraƧao 
And loved it
Taking my snorkelling gear for sure
Said to take water shoes because it's not really sandy more shells
I have those from swimming the hubster needs some
Being creating art on small pieces of paper
Creating wedding dresses on canvas will show and tell when completed
Making stir fry chicken broccoli and asparagus 
And brown rice for dinner


March 11, 2016

sitting on the dock of the bay

The title happens to be one of my favourite songs.  Well lets see what's on for today. 
I have to go to the library, Costco (that always takes awhile) you go in there with thoughts
of what your going to get then walk out with something or lots of somethings you never thought about.  The hubster is having salmon tonight, fish is really not one of my go to foods, I don't know
I really don't like the taste.  I know its good for you but ew not for me.  But seafood another matter, tonight its lobster, might not be fresh from the ocean, but good enough for me.  I love lobster and
crab, mussels, shrimp etc.  So hopefully on my trip I will be able to sample some delectable seafood.
The shopper has gone to Banff for the weekend, off bonding with her friends, and getting a little
skiing in before the snow is gone.

The weather here is suppose to be really good, warm and sunny and that's what were looking for.
I have some missions from the bride to go and scout out for her.  So that's Saturday and of
course I will stop at my favourite art store because I need a new water brush to take on the holiday.

It was going to be YouTube Friday again, but I haven't got my self organized yet, but it will
be next Friday for sure.

March 9, 2016

Bad Patterns

I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian online and saw her in this dress. I had to draw it.  Not because I
loved it, because it was so ugly it screamed my name draw me.

Today at WW I lost 3.8 lbs, yeah me.  I know it is going to slow down soon, so I will take it
as it comes.  On my holiday hopefully, I wont gain any.  But I am going to be on holidays
and I am going to watch what I eat but not going to be so strict with myself.

The client wants three pictures from me, one a ballerina dancer, one a bride, those are no
problem but the third one is 4x3 and its to big for me to do.  Its going to be impossible to
paint it in the studio, so I am going to have to decline that one.  I have been dreading it,
but am going to do it tonight, phone her.

Well let you know tomorrow what happens.


March 8, 2016

I am Woman here me roar

Well I am back, I missed my blog, so I thought I would start it up again.  Okay whats been
going on with me.

I still am creating art, never gave it up, but thought about it
My daughter is getting married on Sept 3/16 did you know weddings are more than a car
The hubster and I are going on a 10 day vacation to Curacao we won the trip more about that later
Its 30 miles from aruba we are leaving on March 23
I have a client who wants to buy 3 pieces of art from me, god help me
I offered to do them for free, but she wouldn't do that
So I said I would paint them, then when they were done we would talk about the price
I am losing weight at Weight Watcher so far 10 lbs in a month,
Need to be a slim mother of the bride
The hubster is good, still cleaning up a storm, I say go for it, knock yourself out
I have been going to physio for a small back problem, on my 9 th physio and am feeling way better.
Download the newest internet explorer and have nothing but problems, with it
Okay happy international womens day to you all
Talk to you tommorow