November 17, 2017

The Tree

Happy Friday everyone.  Today I have a burning question
when do you put up your tree.  

We usually put up the tree, on the hubsters birthday December 18, and I always take it down on December 26.  But I am going
out of my comfort zone this year (lol) and going to put it up
earlier, maybe December 10, I know have I gone completely
crazy.  I have a bit of OCD when it comes to things being out
of there natural order, so Christmas things fall in that range of
things out of order.  My family puts up with this crazy from me.

Today is all about IKEA if the roads are good, we have had
all kinds of snow lately and the roads are not great.  But I
think a bit of IkEA is what I need today.  Plus a new haircut at my
favourite salon.

Today I am linking up to Paint Party Friday

Have a great weekend and keep warm


  1. In response to your burning question, we put up our little fake tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and it all goes away before New Years. I think you should cut the one you have pictured here. It looks perfect, with a nice straight trunk to boot. Wishing you a Happy PPF (because it is much to early to say 'Happy Holidays').

  2. ooooh, your tree illustration is utterly delightful and would make perfect Christmas cards!! I used to get our decorations up just after Thanksgiving when we did some December entertaining but we don't anymore so I don't start until the second week in Dec or even later. And then it comes down after New Year's day. Enjoy your Ikea day, and happy PPF!

  3. Love your tree. I must confess to not putting up a tree at all! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. I love the Christmas scene. I usually put up decorations around the 1st of December. I have gradually reduced the amount and even the size of the tree (artificial). Because my house looks so pretty from the road with all the wreaths and candles in the windows, I leave that part up till January 1.

  5. it looks like you're really in the Christmas spirit already! Love your tree! Here it's the kids that put up the tree, so we have to wait until they're ready with exams, usually the third week of December. But I think that's a bit late, so we might change it up this year and put it at the start of December already. And we always leave it until the first week of January :-)

  6. Your treescape is beautiful! I love Ikea! I like to put my decorations up around Dec 1 until Jan 2.

  7. Such a beautiful tree, magical and radiant, visually striking and so poetic and festive! Wonderful art!
    Hapy PPF
    Victoria #30

  8. Decorations get hauled out the first weekend of December and slowly make their way around the house. Every year I intend to scale down, but it never quite works out that way. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. Lovely tree, very evocative. The fact that you drew this lovely christmas tree while posing the question seems to tell that you are ready to put it up :)

  10. Excellent tree painting.. Love it!! When I was a kid we always put up the tree and baked shortbreads on my mothers birthday....guess when?...yes the 18th of December!! That's right...I have such fond memories...Dad did the tree, mom put on the garland, and I helped her with shortbreads!! Now we put our tree up in early Nov....this year we waited until after the 11th. That way the house is decorated and we can enjoy it for a few months during a frenetic time... We love the music and decoration... but don't do presents except for children and a few friends here and there!! We take it down after the new year. By then we are so ready. Even our outside lights are up. Thankfully I had to do none of it this year!! I even suggested we put up only our little tree... but we have both up...

    Peace Giggles

  11. lol, I live in IKEA country :) Sweden.

    To answer your queston. I skip christmas. No tree, no decoration. And I´m fine with that. When my grandchildren started work it was crap to give them presents or money when they had it all themselves. And they also live in an other town. So tricky to get there when the weather is not nice. But I am old enough to like it that way.

  12. Wonderful tree painting. I am with Monica, I do not celebrate christmas. I haven't for some 40 years. Not a religious thing more of a "I don't want to be part of the consumer thing." I give gifts to family and friends all year long. It is nicer to get a birthday gift or a gift for no reason at all.

  13. Lovely details in those trees - superb!

  14. Oh love this Holiday painting ~ lovely and have fun at Ikea today ~ be safe traveling.

    Oh I don't put tree up till much closer to Xmas ~ may put it up sooner as son is visiting early from NC ~ day by day is my motto ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. I can regognize your artwork only by seeing! Love your winteryscene! Makes me feel cozy inside here with a hot tee, haha! Happy PPF!

  16. I pressed the wrong key and lost my comment! Our tree is going up before my birthday on the 12th - I am insisting this year - it's a special birthday!! Usually it is up around 5 days before Christmas! I do so love these trees!