March 15, 2019

Swimming against the tide.....


Hey how are you all doing.  This week has really been a trial by fire.  I finally decided to quit Etsy. It was a big decision as how else can I sell my art online.  I am checking a few things out.  Though to be completely honest I hardly made any money.  I offered free shipping to attract customers.  I gave myself a year on Etsy to see how things were going and if they weren't going good I was going to quit.  Well the other day I made a small sale, 5.00 but it was in the city about 3 hours away.  Well by the time etsy had got there payments I had made .32 cents.  It was at that moment, I realized it was time.  Maybe my art is not up to snuff,but its mine, and I think
its worth more than .32 cents.

So its done.....I am thinking of  creating my own website and selling my stuff there.  Lots to think about

Anyway I am linking to Paint party Friday


  1. Hello Lee, I love your painting, with its beautiful use of colour and composition. Happy PPF :D)

    So, Etsy's commission is 90% !! crazy, unfair and greedy.

    btw, your link on PPF leads to a page that doesn't exist.
    kind regards, Sue

  2. Great expression and I can see the struggle making a living out of being creative.
    Coffee is on

  3. There really is something to be said about taking so much % from ones own creations. It really is a crime, you deserve so much more. Your thinking Lady is a sign that it is time for a change.
    Beautiful work and good luck in your search for the credit you deserve.
    Happy PPF Tracey

  4. Well you tried your best happy you came to a decision about that. Something else will come to mind. In the meantime continue to create more stunning pieces Have a nice weekend.
    Do you do mail art or ATC swaps, I will be happy to swap with you email me []

    Have an excellent weekend

    much love...

  5. I wish a good luck for your decision.
    The face is expressive.

  6. This is a great piece. Yes, your work is worth more than 32 cents. I had a similar problem when I was writing for 'content' sites. I made lots of sales, but by the time they took their commission it made writing for the sites worthless fort me.

  7. Your work is worth more than 32 cents. Very disheartening isn't it?

  8. This piece is beautiful, don't give up!

  9. beautiful painting with attractive color.
    have a great day

  10. Actually congratulations on quitting etsy. I was with esty from the very start and as time went on and they turned into ebay, allowing everyone with everything to sell I quit. In fact I quite about 4 years ago. I sell on my website and do just as well. It is easy to set up a website these day too. Also your art IS very much up to stuff. It is beautiful and very original.

  11. Love your lady. Hope you find a good solution. Happy PPF, Valerie

  12. love your swimmer.
    Sorry to hear about Etsy, but it maked me glad I didn´t. I think it is very hard to sell art online. :( Hope next place will be a better place.