August 7, 2015

Share Friday tuts and vids

You know what day it is , that's right tut and vid day.
So without further ado I give you my weekly picks:
First Kim Dellow, has the coolest little tut on making these
very cool envelopes with a template, I am going to make
also I am linking my face to
Show your face

come on show your faces that you create

since its my blog I am including a favourite video of mine with
Adam Levine, I walk and dance down the sidewalk with this tune,
and try not to sing at the top of my lungs

I found the nicest video of a man that paints on paper towels
and how he started .  Just a great video.

and then jennibelle shows what to do with the paper towels

last but not least dina wakley how to draw faces

part two

paint party Friday as you all know I am linking to
and Julie balzerdesigns


  1. I love her hair! It has so much energy!

  2. Your lady reminds me of someone I have known in my past. Haven't figured out who yet, just know she looks familiar. It's good to see a lady with white hair instead of a sweet, young thing. Keep up the good work.

  3. Yes your lady did step out of the past, as I mom had that dress. Thanks for all the tips, I may not get to all of them....but thanks.

  4. Oops no spell check.... I meant MY MOM....

  5. Aaaah, she is great looking woman and so self-confident... Love !

  6. Great "fabric" for her blouse.
    Thanks for the links you give on Fridays.

  7. I have a place to come for important tutorials~ thank you for sharing these links! great stuff, and love the face you've done! ♥

  8. So I was here yesterday and you know what happened...oh yes it did....I got lost in all the amazing videos even cried during the adam Lavine video..haha!! I am so sappy in my old age!! Love the idea of the paper towel layers!! Thanks for sharing all these amazing tuts!! I had so much fun watching them! You are now a trusted tut finder...or should I say queen of tuts!! Love your girl too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. I always love seeing your faces!

  10. Oooh how fabulous! I LOVE her hair and her little collar against the pattern of the top.