August 8, 2015

Hot hot hot

my take on fashion, did you know square shoulders are back (lol)
they are not, hopefully never will be back
news just heard, my niece just had a baby girl and
called her hazel grace, these are names are coming back
don't you know
today is going to be hot hot hot
so I am getting my stuff done early today and
the rest of the day is studio time, in the cool
of the basement.  We are having bbq salmon
for dinner and salad, so not much prep work
there needed. I am trying to quite drinking
diet coke, I don't drink coffee, tea or juice,
I love diet coke, but its not good for
you.  So I have decided 3 a day
from now on, then reduce. 


  1. No square shoulders for me but I love them on your gal. When it's hot here I always try to get everything done in the early morning and then for the rest of the day I just chill.

    I used to live on Pepsi. I drank it morning, noon, and night. I gave it up years ago and I seldom ever drink any kind of soda...a root beer every now and then when we get fast food. I drink water, water, water. I didn't think I'd ever get used to it but now I love it. I also drink coconut water sometimes, too.

  2. She's wonderful, she has a very quixotic expression on her face. Congratulations to your niece! I used to drink around a diet soda a day, I've cut down to the occasional one here or there for the past three months, mainly now I drink water. I haven't noticed much if any of a difference though.

  3. I have just caught up on all your lovely ladies. I hope you enjoy your bbq salmon it sounds delicious and congratulations to your niece on the birth of her baby.

  4. Pretty sure I may have had an outfit like that back in the day....always loved teal.... and no more boxed shoulders for me...I have my own She is a beauty...Congratulations to your niece...all those old names are coming back like Lily and Bella...

    Hugs Giggles