February 22, 2018

cross your fingers and toes

Well its been a wild and crazy ride around here lately.  Creating your own website has many trials you have to go through, and lets just say I am experiencing them all.  I am no techie that's for sure.  But I have the website up and running but not all things are running correctly, one being the blog.  So I am still going to post here until all the bugs are gone.

Today I sent out a email to a small stationary company in my City.  They have an artist a month featured in there store.  So since I have just created a bunch of art cards, I thought they would be a perfect fit for her store.  Lets just say, I cannot just go out and pitch my art. I am not like that, I wish I was but I am not, even emailing her
was enough to get my heart pumping.  Its not rejection that I fear
because if your an artist you have to prepare yourself for rejection.  Art is very subjective.  Anyway cross your fingers, I am gonna need all the help I can get.


February 9, 2018

Studio Woes

Hello, how have you all been.  Been busy around here, just
doing daily life stuff.  You know the stuff you have to do, but
really would rather being doing something else.  Like I finally finished cleaning out all the cupboards, in the kitchen and taking
stuff to goodwill.  I could have got rid of a bunch more, but the
hubster, kept bugging me saying, do you really want to throw that out.  I will have to get rid of that stuff when he is out of the house.

I have been busy working on a bunch of sketches.  The way I work is I also sketch an idea, then use markers to show colors, (like the lady above) then when I want to do more I have sketched the idea.  
I am working on a couple of painting at the moment.  I try to work
on a bunch at one time, then when one is drying, I have something else to work on. 

Being trying to blog at least 3 times a week.  One problem being I live such a boring life, I don't have much to say.  Just me and the hubster are not that exciting. 

Bought a few storage things for the studio, I am always in the process of trying to organize the studio.  I make a mess while
painting, do you? I try to be clean but it seems the more I try the messier I am.  But after I have finished I always clean up,  because I can't function in a messy studio.  One other problem is I want to paint really big, but I can't, no room in the studio to do that.  I thought about using the garage, but that is only in spring, and summer and little bit of fall.  And if your garage is like mine, its full of garage stuff on the walls.

Ok enough these crappy problems, hopefully I will have more to
say in the next post, I am off to the paint store, to get some paint and to get out of the house.


February 5, 2018


Yep its cold out and the forecast is cold for awhile. It seems
that if your Canadian you talk a lot about the weather eh.  (lol)
We also say eh a lot.


February 3, 2018

Finger Painting

 Hello, how are you all doing?  Well I am sitting here in my PJ's writing this blog post, and its almost 11:00 AM.  The snow came down all night and there is a ton of it out there, the wind is blowing, and the hubster is out with the snowblower . Now I wish I was with my friend Gayle, who escaped this weather and went down to her house in Mexico.  

Today I am off shopping with the shopper.  I don't need anything but its nice to get out of the house and have lunch and do some window shopping.  

I have been working on finger painting on board.  Yes I said finger painting, I bought a course from Alisha Burke awhile back and one of the exercises was finger painting flowers so I am working on that.  Will show you when its done.  Have you bought ecourses and never done anything with them.  This is the year that I am going to go back to the ecourses (and there is a lot of them) and do them.  So I started with this one.

okay I better go and shower and put some clothes on my daughter would not appreciate me going shopping in my PJ.S 


February 1, 2018

Who doesnt need some Angel Love

I have been working on a series of angel paintings.  This is one of them, I did them on board, measuring 4x7.  They turned out good
I think, they all look different, I did 3.  I am going to post the other two on a different day.  

I am in the middle of creating a new website, where my blog will be.  I will be telling you when it set up, and then keep reminding you of the new address.  I am excited about it, keep in mind I am no techie, but I am doing it.


January 30, 2018

Cactus Love

I love the look of a cactus, I am not great caring for plants, so
don't have in my house.  I forget to water them, or overwater them.  But I bet I could look after a cactus.  I was sitting at the art desk
one day fooling around on butcher paper, seeing how much paint
it could take, and this is what came out of it.  Now I don't recommend painting a picture you want to keep on it, because who
knows how long it will stand up.  But I could not throw it away,
I loved the way it came out.  I wanted to give it to my friend, who's
house we go to every October who lives in the winter in Arizona. I
made a print of it, but I asked her if she wanted the original.  She
wanted the original.  So now this picture which started on as an orange blob lives in Phoenix.