February 23, 2017


were getting a new museum
and they were asking for Alberta artists to submit a
piece of there work that could be sold in their
gift shop.  This is the one I selected.  Now to
wait with the other 50,000  other  artists that submitted
their work to see if I get an email.  Will
keep you posted. Cross all fingers and toes.

February 16, 2017

Painting on pots

Working on a fun project for my friend Gayle
she wanted me to paint my girls on one
of her planting pots.  Here is the first one,
there will be one on the other side as
well.  Here's hoping she likes it 

February 6, 2017

A little of this and that

hola, I have  not been here in awhile, don't have much to say
and I really don't think you want to know how boring my life is.
Lets see I have been sketching in my sketchbook, some ideas
for paintings.  I have been cooking new recipes, when
was the last time you had beef stew? I cant remember ,that's
the last time I had it, so I am making it today, a skinny-taste
version, and right now its in the crockpot and my house smells
heavenly.  I hope the stew matches the flavor, I didn't use
stewing beef, I used a Top Sirloin . 
The weather is crap again, but it is February and that
means spring is much closer.  
The hubster has the bad flu that is going around here, as well
as all our other friends, I have been able to miss it so
far.  You know you get that flu shot, and its hit or miss
that they got the right vaccine for that flu  that going to come.
Looks like they missed it this year.
Been watch alot of youtube videos on my TV , I love
that it makes the videos so much more interesting
when you see them on the big
   Okay that's the
extent of my news, boring, I know but that's what 
happens when you retire.  I am thinking about 
volunteering a few days a week, but have to
find something that interests me.


January 30, 2017

A little of this and that

Its been a few days since I last posted.  As usual not much is new around here.  Except we have been having wonderful weather, temps above zero, the snow is melting,the roads are great to drive on, what more could you ask for in January.  Usually January is full on cold weather, low temps, snow , wind and cold.  So I have been taking advantage of the nice temps and getting out, shopping,
picture taking, walking, and watching.  Looking for inspiration in the outdoors.  It seems
in winter my inspiration is at a low, but still have the itch to be creative.

The creative group I belong to is doing artist trading cards on Thursday.  I have
not done a card in years, so am definitely looking forward to creating some.

I broke down the other day and went to Michaels and bought some of Jane
Davenports mermaid brush pens.  I love them, did my due diligence
first, read up on them, saw people review them, and decided on them.
They arent a cheap investment, regular price here in Canada is
$44.00 so I had a 40 percent coupon, wished for 55 percent, but when it was 55 percent they put the Jane Davenport items on for 30 percent.  They get you coming and going.
The other day I made lasagna rolls, so good, since I am dieting easy to count,
easy to make and so good I recommend them.

Ok well I should go, I am going to the art room, to tidy up.  I look at the
studios on line and think why is mine not like that, they must be the
kind that put away as they go.  I am here to testify that I am not
like that.


January 20, 2017

Get Real Friday, Youtube tutorials

I love cruising Youtube and watching my favorite artists at work
and I love sharing.  So here again some great videos for your pleasure and mine.

I love this video, and this gal is very talented


Just found this gal and love love her videoa very talented as well


jane davenport video making matte paint translucent

another favourite, journal page, with unexpected colors

January 19, 2017

abstract thoughts

today I have been very busy
got up at 6:00 am 
which just about killed me
went for a MRI and was
home by 8:00 am

made soup, turkey pepperoni/chicken
vegetable soup.  Or whatever was in my
fridge that needed to be used soup.  Then
a banana, strawberry loaf on the skinny side.
Cleaned out a couple of drawers,  in the
kitchen.  Got my art kit ready to take
to the creative meetup tonight.  And
now I am reading and relaxing.


January 14, 2017

Cityscapes old/versus/new

This is the picture that I just sold.
The lady requested a city scape.
So I kinda of went with old town/vs new town
She told me she loved it.