August 6, 2015

Blotch is the name of the game...

In real  life her face is not blotchy.  When I scan my
images they don't scan face color very good.
Yesterday went to the art store, and was very
good only spent 15.00 and that was on,
2 black pens, and 4 neo colour crayons.  I am building
my stock back up slowly but surely since I
lost them all a while back. Nothing else
is new or exciting at my casa so I am
out of here talk to you all tomorrow.


  1. She's awesome...have you tried taking a photo of them instead? Also try pxlr express to adjust them to look the way you see them! Now I have to look for the post to how you lost your supplies? It's amazing you only spent that much. I wonder if the supplies will go up with the drop of our loony? Keep that in mind too!

    Hugs Giggles