November 27, 2016

GreyCup fever

Well today is the big football day in Canada, the Grey Cup.  Kinda like the superbowl, but on a lesser scale.  Still nice here the snow we had melted and its pretty nice out.  Usually for the grey cup, its so cold and snowy here you dont want to go out for a grey cup party. We are staying home to watch the game in peace and quiet,
I made some teriyaki meatballs, and hot chicken wings for our
celebration.  I really dont like football at all, but I do watch the grey cup.


November 25, 2016

gobble gooble

Happy anniversary to all my American friends.  Today in honour of your special day I spent the day shopping it was the least I could do lol.  Bought 80 percent of my Christmas presents.  So I am
On a roll and plan on getting the rest  Tommorw.  The shopper took the day off and came with me.
A little mother daughter bonding , lunch , shopping wast else could a girl want!

November 22, 2016


Sometimes you just need to simplify your life.  This last year
I have been working hard to do that.  I am in the process
of ridding myself of extra baggage.  I mean that figuratively.
I have been going thru all of our things and saying do we need this in our life, have we used this, what would it mean if I didnt have it.
When you retire your needs are not the same as when you worked.
Your dont need all the fancy clothes for work, you dont eat as much
away from the house, as you have the whole day to think of what
you are going to make, and you have all day to make it.  Your kids are grown up (hopefully) and out of the house and its just you and the hubster, all alone in a big house thats to big for the two of you.
So you think of downsizing, that is what we are in process of doing, thinking about downsizing our life.  So when you downsize hopefully you go smaller, so all the stuff you have accumulated over a life time wont fit in a smaller house.  So before we get to the actual stage of deciding where to move and when, I am going to lighten our load.


November 19, 2016

Tis the Season

  Today is  the start of my Christmas shopping,
I dont have many people to buy for , but I
like to get it done early, wrapped and ready.  Then
I dont feel rushed in the Christmas season.  I dont
put up the Christmas tree until well into December, I
noticed the neighbor has had hers up for about a week.
The stores have there Christmas decorations up,
ever since Halloween ended.  Though we do have our
Christmas lights up outside, though have not turned them on yet.
We have do it when the weathers good, or your freezing your
butt off in crazy weather

November 17, 2016

Swimming in Circles

 The title says it all, that's the way I feel today.  Nothing is getting accomplished.  I did some small errands today, came home with plans to work on the canvas and here I am instead writing on my blog.  It seems I will do anything other than work on getting that canvas finished.  I guess that should tell me something, but I don't want to hear it.


November 13, 2016

For the love of collage

I belong to a creative art group, who meets twice a month.  I love going there and getting together with other creative minds.  The last one we made collages.  We brought all different pages of white, it could have something on it, but mainly should have been white.
We gathered all the papers everyone brought and made collages.  I got 4 started.  So I had some rubons in my bag and used some on
 them. I could leave it, just as it is, or I could draw something, paste something, I could use the scanner and digitize it and add some digital piece of art.  So many uses for collage, thats why I love it. Here is a link where you can see some other fabulous pieces of art.

November 12, 2016


I have been busy doing nothing.  I know sounds weird but its
true, its like I am busy spinning my wheels and getting nothing accomplished.  I dont know if its the weather, motivation or what.
I have a picture that I need to get finished sometime this century, but when I look at it I am never satisfied.  It must be because it
was commissioned.  The lady wanted something specific and I agreed to it.  So let me tell you, that will never happen again, because it puts pressure on me.  There's the its not good enough, the self doubting, the re-doing because its not perfect.  When is anything perfect never.  My mind does not comprehend that.  So
I am here sitting in the studio spinning my wheels.  

November 11, 2016

Will you remember me

My grandfather was in World War 1
My father inlaw was in World War 11
We dont forget about the people who fought for us
so we could live this life.

November 8, 2016

Bird Love

I made this collage piece on a wood canvas.  All the elements are my own, from the painted paper to the bird.  Then, when I was finished I put a coat on varnish on it, to make it really pop.  I love doing collage, and really don't do enough of it.  So this monthly challenge is making me think out of the box more.

November 7, 2016

Long Necked Woman

 As you can see I am still doing my ladies with
the long necks.  I have gotten a little better
at them, since I practice alot.  The nose
still seems to need work.  I also like
to give a background to them, it seems to
finish them off


November 6, 2016

Collage Month

I wanted to start participating in some challenges, it ssems I got away from
doing that when I stopped blogging.
So here is the site that I entered into the challenge, which this month
is all about collage.  I created this in my art journal, with painted papers
scrapes that I had laying around, and created the background with
the rest was just with markers and whiteout.
Hope you like it, it actually looks better in person.

November 5, 2016

Back in the saddle again

I have decided to revive the blog back to its former glory.  You know when you have 10 people who actually read the blog you dont want to let them down to long.  I have enjoyed my hiatus from the blog, and explored other areas , such as instagram, and facebook.  I am going to still be on both plus the blog.  I am not going to post every day as really I am retired, how exciting is my life.  I am quite a homebody and spend the days painting, drawing, reading, and somehow my house gets cleaned into between, thanks to the hubster.  Who has a little OCD and loves to clean, so who am I deprive him of his love.  Okay, this little ditty above, was not suppose to look like a matador in training, when I created it, but thats what has appeared, so I just went with it.  Since I been gone, I have had a wedding (my daughters) created a few pieces of art that have sold.  And am working on a commission right now, I will show it soon,   Okay I hope you all will be interested enough to come back here and visit me at my blog.

thanks Lee