August 12, 2015

A little of this and that

being drawing a lot lately just using markers
everyday I do some sort of drawing
It helps improve
today went with a friend to see Ricky and the Flash
with Meryl Streep and her daughter
not a bad movie, middle of the road.
the shopper and the husband have been sanding down the deck
getting ready to paint it
tomorrow is get my hair cut day
I know the excitement is over the top
I cant even stand to read what I have written
But one thing I did do I have wanted Posca markers forever
so I ordered them on they come from
Japan, so a few weeks, I tried to get them all over but
cant find them anywhere else.

1 comment :

  1. You make me laugh when you talk about your life...mine is much the same. Nothing very exciting going on around here.

    I also ordered some Posca markers on Amazon. I've had them for a little bit and so far I like them. But I still reach for my Sharpie paint pens when I want black or white.