August 14, 2015

Friday Tuts and Vids

My take on Modigliani :Man with Hat
They sure came up with some snappy names back then
okay I know why you came, so lets get right to it
slim pickings this week, must be because its summer.
the first one is by Seal Lemon, I love this girl,
in this video she shows you how to make book cloth
for your books.  I have made some, so easy, and
sturdy.  It makes your books look more professional,
take a long at this video and tell me after you see it
you are not going to make it

Jane Davenport has these art lessons on youtube
short ones, where she uses all kinds of supplies,
I actually learned a lot watching them,

I took a course awhile back using muslin and painting
it to look like old world paintings, I have watched
these videos and they are just as good as the course
and they are free

next she paints the cover of her small dylusions journal
I still want to paint my cover of my big one

Linking to Paint Party Friday

Kims "Show your face

 oh the blogloving awards are
back, ever dream of being nominated
check out all these blogs
and see what they have that you don't
who knows next year we could be voting for you
and that's it for this week, hope you enjoy them
I did.


  1. A very handsome man with a hat. Happy Friday, sweetie!

    Love and hugs

  2. I like your man about town! Very cool!! Also thanks once again for all the links. I look forward to checking them out...although I did look at the bloglovin' award categories and nothing for art!!

  3. What a fun hat and I love the building behind him!

  4. I like the man with the hat! Now I'll go look at some of these links. Have a good weekend!

  5. I adore your art! He's a sharp dresser!

  6. Nice job on your man about town. Thanks for all the links.

  7. Love your man with a hat! He's a riot!

  8. I love your style, Lee. Nice to see you on IG.

  9. He looks self-confident with his great hat and the scarf is in same colour;-) A real gentleman, I think. Have a wonderful weekend ♥

  10. Very eye catching drawing! I love this.

  11. That says it all....Man in a Hat....and Man around town. He has personality!!! He pulls you in and you want to stay a while and just look at him. Nice work.

  12. I love the style of your Man in a Hat. The colours are really great too. There is such movement in it! He almost seems to be dancing. xx

  13. Very stylish!! Love his hat and his neck scarf , his pink blazer - and REALLY love the buildings sitting on his shoulder... it says so much about him. It's got me intrigued!

  14. Wonderful! Love your man with hat. Fab work! Thanks for the link. Thank you for linking to Show Your Face and for the shout out too! Kx

  15. Oh I am so behind...and I just typed a whole comment that odd.. Anyway I tend to get so caught up in these wonderful tuts that I don't comment until way later...Well I now have two weeks of tuts to go through...I will thank you ahead of time since I know they will all be wonderful!! Great character you created I love him!!

    Hugs Giggles