August 10, 2015

works in progress

These are all canvases in progress, just starting laying down the paint.
So no judgements.
1.  The map for the shopper and the boyfriend, once its all painted,
you will see my vision (lets hope so)
2.  that's on wood haven't quite decided the way I am going on that one.
3.  The lady looks a little full figured, well she is suppose to be,
that's my take on a woman on the beach, she will be wearing
a white swimming cap as well.
4.  The last one started with me laying down wall paper,
mistake number 1, then I added gesso, and then
started laying down the paint, now you see all those
bubbles, I don't know what I am going to do, I tried pin pricking,
not much happens, I might have to lay down some texture
so you don't see them, if you have any suggestions, let me know.
ok that's what I am working on now.


  1. Good starts on all of these! I love the woman and the deer. As for the bubbles, I don't know. If you were VERY careful you might be able to make a slit with a craft knife and then get some adhesive underneath but it would be risky because you could slit the canvas. When I glue down papers on canvas I place something solid under the canvas so I have something to press against when I lay down the paper. Also I put adhesive on the canvas and on the paper so it's wet to wet when I put the paper down. It's always a gamble for me!

  2. Love your so called full figured....I mean REAL woman!! Can't wait to see her completed!! I would try the texture over the bubbles to mask it. Have you tried some gesso on it? I'm wondering if cradle boards are better when collaging a large painting! All the best... I'm sure whatever you do it will be beautiful in the could try putting some gesso over it, let that dry...then sand it down a bit... At least you don't lose your canvas! Just a suggestion.

    Hugs Giggles

    Hugs Giggles