May 28, 2015

you time....or not

Spring is a very busy time around here, especially living with the hubster his
nickname is (Mr. Clean) first we get the lawns done, that's means aerating, fertilizing etc, then after that its wash the outside of the house, wash and clean all the outside windows, clean the deck usually needs a good paint job after our winters, then
its inside to clean.  clean all the wood work in the house, then its clean all the
windows inside the house, and then the usual spring clean up.  Bye this time
its been over a week and I am exhausted and need a good holiday because
all this cleaning is not my idea of a good time.......
but when all is said and done the house and yard is sparkling and new
and I can sit around and admire all the hard work.
Do you do spring cleaning?


  1. Sounds like you were busy! Sorry to hear about your troubles with your old blog, but this new one looks very pretty and professional. I was just wondering whether you'll make it possible to follow you with bloglovin'. I would love to keep up with what you're doing and I followed your old blog with bloglovin', which is my preferred way of following blogs ...

    1. sure that sounds good I will give it a try to figure it out

  2. Too busy... we are clearing the cave so to speak but wow yes I used to do all of with a bad hip it's not happening!! The kids do some of it!! Not the way I did though.... Love sparkly...they have painted a few rooms so that's a good thing!!

    Hugs Giggles