July 4, 2015

her name is hashtag

I called her hashtag because she likes to wear them on her sweater.
I have found a good site that every Friday does faces, and I thought I
would give you the link just in case you don't have it.  http://www.kimdellow.co.uk/

she is also a very good artist so go check out her site.



  1. She looks great! I like her hashtag sweater.

  2. I clicked on all but the only one that worked was the second. All the rest took me somewhere strange. I am trying not to shop - especially right now because I am cleaning out my basement of YEARS of junk. However, sometimes I need to just get out too. Talk to ANYONE who is not my husband. I am waiting for my 15 year old daughter to get back from camp before I attempt any blog changes. She's my technical support.

  3. What an interesting name she has, I wonder how that works out for her. She must like it as she wears a jumper to match.
    Nice painting, Lee, and a fun idea.

  4. Wonderful! Another great share for #ShowYourFace, I love all the texture and I adore her top! So glad you linked her up as well :) Thanks for the shout out, always appreciated. New linky starts tomorrow, just saying ;) Kx

  5. Swoooon I love hash tag ...she's a beauty ♡☆♡☆