July 6, 2015

she was always a little off kilter

well its a beautiful summer day here
its all about lunch with a friend
returns to the library
going to chapters to buy Pam Carrikers new book called portraits
its a good book got it from the library and its worth the money
clean up in the art room going to finish it
I clean when I am in a art slump
leftovers for dinner
finishing the movie lost Girl with my boy Ben Affleck
sit on the deck and enjoy the weather with my sketchbook in hand
been watching my favourite July sport the Tour De France


  1. I also love the Tour - watching it every night... did you see those terrible crashes yesterday?

    1. I wanted to email you but I cant find you email address. Can you email me...I did watch the crashes and covered my eyes, and then they got up and dusted off and rode on, some of them. that didn't have any broke bones.