July 3, 2015


The picture above was done with a black pen that bleeds
when wet, the lazy man's why to paint.  But I like
the results it gets.  Today is Video Friday I am going to
ink to some great art videos or new sites that I have
discovered.  So without further ado lets go:::::
to covers her art journal which turns out fabulous and pours a pouring medium on it
which I am definitely gonna to try.
I just love watching this woman work, she makes it
seem effortless, but yet the page turns out beautiful
I watch all the guys food videos he makes
it look easy to cook
making fabric paper out of construction paper
she makes paste paper out of scrapbook paper and
how many of scrapbook paper do you have and have not used.
Ok I am linking today to
this months challenge is the profile
ok that's it for today I hope you enjoy these videos as I did
and if you make any of these let me know.


  1. I have to try that with a pen! That looks like fun. And thanks for all the links. Now I have lots of new stuff to explore!

  2. A very expressive ink drawing! Lovely work.

  3. Love your black drawing, what a good effect.
    Thanks for the links, I've had a look and went through them quickly, will watch later, they look good.

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  5. A very expressive face, I like it a lot.

    Love and hugs

  6. Great profile! I love how you have used the pen bleeding. I'm so glad you have linked up to #ShowYourFace and I do hope you will come back to share more. Kx

  7. Beautiful ... need to try that with a pen ... great inspiration and thank you for the links. Xxxx

  8. Sooo love this, Lee! Its quirkyness and fresh lines! Awesome as always! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling