June 18, 2015

To all the fish in the sea....

this is another one of the 100 creative pieces of art that I am endivering to do.  I think this is no 15 along way to go yet. But I will get there.
Well awhile ago on my old blog I laid out a plan on how to get my art noticed.  I
am in the process of submitting a few pieces of my art to a local magazine called
Mosiacis .  My friend Gayle says my art would fit right in there.  So I emailed
the editor about the process of submitting art for consideration and she emailed me back with what I have to do.  This magazine is about holistic healing, yoga etc.
I am submitting some angel works of art but now I have to come up with some
titles for the work.  Its not guaranteed by any means but I am stepping up
to the plate and trying, rejection comes in all forms, you just have to learn
how to take it.  Today is windy, cloudy and cool, so its Meatloaf, sweetpotates, and peas night at our house.
p.s I took your comments to heart and changed the banner, more me you are right

1 comment :

  1. Good for you! Just keep "knocking on the door" and someone will answer. I can't imagine your art being turned down by anyone. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they accept it and you get published.

    The new banner looks good!