March 6, 2017

Oh spring where art thou

Can you believe its March already the time is flying by this month.  I dont think I accomplished to much in February, but
I did see a great movie, called LION, so good.
I got a really good art book by Jodi Ohl.  The
book is called "abstracts in Acrylic and ink.
Now I got this from the library, but plan on buying it.
I have alot of art books that are just crap.  So now
I get them first from the library to see if I like them.
Then if I do really really like them, I buy them.

Working on some art, mostly just sketching, and trying
different paint techniques so not much to show.

Today we are having a snow storm, the snow
was just about melted but mother nature decided
to throw in a snow storm for fun.  Oh well
spring is just around the corner.


  1. She's beautiful! I won a Jodi Ohl painting of houses and I love it so much!! She has an awesome style!! We had a snow storm was icy...more snow on the way. Odd for B.C. they are saying we have the eastern weather!! Look forward to seeing more beautiful art from you!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love your girl in the flower garden. You just keep creating beautiful art.
    I do the same thing with art books...library first, then buy if I want to. Saves me a lot of money.
    All the trees in our yard are blooming right now...but it's still chilly. I'm sure nothing like what you have but for me it's cold.