June 16, 2015


Well after the excitement of yesterday today is quite calm
although I did manage to go out with my friend Gayle for
lunch and a little window shopping. We bought nothing
we stopped at a Mexican place and had some great food.
Today I am going to work on my canvas its coming
along pretty good, I put some texture on it, and let it dry.
So now I am ready to do some painting.  Lets hope
all goes as I have planned
"Do you find the new design of the blog easy to find your way around".


  1. I love the freedom and movement in this flower picture. As I keep telling you, you have a great style.
    This new blog looks very clean and well-done but it somehow lacks your vibrancy. It doesn't have "Lee" in it.

  2. This is one of my favorite paintings...One I could have hanging in my home it so cheery and gorgeous! I love your style! Your blog is wonderful and I love how you have added things to your side bar...but I feel the same as Janet....I think it's needs a more vibrant header...Something that greets you with verve!! Maybe this canvas for a bit...or any other vibrant one!!

    Hugs Giggles