June 19, 2015

A vase is Vase.....

Would you like to have a vase like this?  I saw a vase like
this along time ago, and it stuck with me, hence the drawing.
I must have really liked it to remember, it reminds of the
70's god probably none of you remember the 70's.  I got married
in the 70"s.  Well I have been madly pinning on Instagram, its
like addicting, because I have never had so many people look at
my art.  Some of those people have thousands of people following them.
How does that happen?  I have 90 and I am thrilled. 
I need to work on my Canvas, what is stopping me, I don't know.  Is fear
of it looking like crap, possibly, the painting part scares me to.  I need
to get it done, its a gift for someone. 
Tonight its all about the leftovers in the fridge, help yourself, to whats
leftover in there, because Mama is not cooking.  Whats on your
weekend plans?

1 comment :

  1. Remind yourself that it's just canvas, If it doesn't turn out you can buy another one and try again. This takes the pressure off. The vase is very whimsical. Love it!