December 14, 2016

The Farm

Do you have a real tree or a fake tree
When growing up, we first used to get real
tree , we never would go out and get our own,
we always went to a place that sold trees.
Our first fake tree, was a pink one,
my mother liked it, we had it till it fell apart,
then moved on to a sliver tree.  Now that I have
my own family, we have never had a real tree,
always a fake green one, I think after growing up
with colored trees, green is the best.


  1. Lovely painting! Yes green is the best colour for trees!

  2. Your tree farm looks wonderful.

    I had real trees during all my younger life but now we have an artificial, green tree. HB read an article the other day that said within 10 years real Christmas trees will be obsolete. Maybe, maybe not but I prefer the artificial ones. I don't find pine needles in the carpet in June!

  3. Great tree!! When I was little it was a fake tree from a lot...but by the time I was seven we had a fake green tree. A lot less worry about fire, and a lot less mess! My dad always put it up on the 18th moms birthday..while us girls made my nanas shortbread recipe. I have always had fake trees... I have one big, one medium, one little regular green one, and last year Cupcake bought four table sized coloured trees, two vibrant blue, a lime green and a florescent pink one. They are scattered throughout the house...I love them!! Decorations are put up really early so we have lots of time to enjoy them!!

    Hugs Giggles