June 21, 2015

Happy Happy......

I have already shared this one on Instagram, and now here.  I was doodling around and came up with this.  Giggles said it would be a nice big canvas, I think she might be onto something.  What do you think?  Well today its Fathers day, the shopper and the boyfriend and the hubster and Grandma and me are going out for Italian food tonight.
We made a reservation, though I don't think fathers day is nearly as busy as Mothers day for eating out.  After dinner we are coming back here for Carrot  Cake and
Ice Cream. Did I tell you that the table on the deck shattered into a zillion
pieces (the glass).  The hubster and I were both out there, I was putting the
cover on the BBQ and he was tiding up the deck, and had just moved the table an inch,
when it all went to hell. 
Okay enough said, I am going to go out and enjoy the day, so I will talk with you all tomorrow.

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  1. Oh dear about the table...that's always shocking I'd had it happen though... a tough one... and then you have to worry that the dog doesn't get anything in their feet. I'm excited, hope you make it into a big canvas...so fun!! Your work is so cool!

    Hugs Giggles