December 15, 2016

The eye key to your soul

Did you know that there is ear physio?
There is, and I have been 5 times,
I have an inner ear infection since
May and cant seem to shake it,
I have had my hearing tested, just
in case I have lost hearing because
of it, but I havent, even though
my husband swears I have, because
I just tune him out lol
The physio consits of being thrown
around by your therapist, every
girls dream.  While wearing a
camera on your eye, apparently
the eye can tell everything about
the ear, who knew.


  1. No I didn't know! Great sneak! Love her skin and eyes and the textured hair!

  2. So glad you have revived your blog. :) This painting has great texture and it is fun to see just half of her face. Is she painted this way or is your pic only showing half of the painting? Does your ear problem make you dizzy? I am aware of therapy for fixing the dizziness. Anyway - I hope you are feeling well today!

  3. This gal you created is amazing...that eye is soooo real..I love it!! My daughter has had physio for her ear related to vertigo. It works like a charm! Hope yours works too.

    Hugs Giggles