March 11, 2016

sitting on the dock of the bay

The title happens to be one of my favourite songs.  Well lets see what's on for today. 
I have to go to the library, Costco (that always takes awhile) you go in there with thoughts
of what your going to get then walk out with something or lots of somethings you never thought about.  The hubster is having salmon tonight, fish is really not one of my go to foods, I don't know
I really don't like the taste.  I know its good for you but ew not for me.  But seafood another matter, tonight its lobster, might not be fresh from the ocean, but good enough for me.  I love lobster and
crab, mussels, shrimp etc.  So hopefully on my trip I will be able to sample some delectable seafood.
The shopper has gone to Banff for the weekend, off bonding with her friends, and getting a little
skiing in before the snow is gone.

The weather here is suppose to be really good, warm and sunny and that's what were looking for.
I have some missions from the bride to go and scout out for her.  So that's Saturday and of
course I will stop at my favourite art store because I need a new water brush to take on the holiday.

It was going to be YouTube Friday again, but I haven't got my self organized yet, but it will
be next Friday for sure.


  1. How cool is that, Otis Redding and Dock of the bay,is one of my all times favorites too. It sounds like you'll have a lot to do today, enjoy the sun and warmth.

  2. Absolutely love both - the song and your drawing! the kids certainly do keep us busy - I know mine do too! have a good weekend!

  3. This lady is the perfect illustration for this wonderful song. I love both!