March 13, 2016

Hey how's your Sunday going.?
Well let's see what have I been up to
Went to Costco I love love there turkey peppering sticks
2 for 2 pts what a deal
Got a pedicure so these feet are ready for the beach
Met a lady getting a pedicure who has been to CuraƧao 
And loved it
Taking my snorkelling gear for sure
Said to take water shoes because it's not really sandy more shells
I have those from swimming the hubster needs some
Being creating art on small pieces of paper
Creating wedding dresses on canvas will show and tell when completed
Making stir fry chicken broccoli and asparagus 
And brown rice for dinner


1 comment :

  1. Have you bought the avocado oil from Costco yet... it is amazing on everything... we LOVE it...Our newest favourite snack is plain popcorn with drizzled avocado oil... sounds gross but it's amazing...we get presidents choice popcorn from superstore! It's so hard to find plain popcorn. We use it on all veggies and they taste it can be used at high we have replaced olive oil completely! Let me know if you try it! The huge bonus is the health benefits!!

    Hugs Giggles