March 22, 2016

She wore an itsy bitsy tinee weenee.l.......

Well I dropped 4 lbs this week at weight watchers yeah me
I have finished packing if I forgot something oh well
if I have my passport and American MONEY (or should I
call it GOLD... I am good to go.
even packed my snorkeling gear
so I am gone for 10 days
I am taking a drawing journal with
me, and just watercolors, and we
will see what happens.  Giggles
gave me a great suggestion about
sending a postcard home everyday with
things that we did and what we saw.
then make it into a book, great suggestion
and I am going to do it for sure.
Okay pretty soon, I am off to
fly the friendly sky's, (I hope there friendly)
and you will hear from me, from Curacao

1 comment :

  1. Awe so cool....I look forward to seeing the finished result! It was only last week that I saw it!! I guess it was meant to be! Glad you're having so much fun in the sun! Enjoy and stay safe!

    Hugs Giggles