March 19, 2016

Car Tunes... My playlist

 well its almost  time for me to go on that vacation
1 more day, we leave 12:pm Tuesday night.

I  was thinking a lot about the road trip I'm going to be taking soon, so I wanted to share my road trip playlist! I've been reading a lot of road trip posts from" rel="norewrite" shape="rect" target="_blank">car rental</a>  company Turo recently -- check them out if you're hitting the road soon.

I love to create  different playlists on my  ipod , so I created one for the summer
roadtrips, I plan on taking this year.  This year is all about travel,
this is my year.

 .  And I know you all are saying
to yourself right now, I hope she tells us whats on her
playlist.  (lol)
ok hold on to your seats, here we go::::

all about that bass, Meghan trainer
Be your friend :Ranni and Chips
Both sides now:  Joni Mitchell
Moonshadow:  Cat Stevens
Red Dirt Road:  Brooks and Dunn
Roar: Katy Perry
Shower the People:  James Taylor
Your So Vain:  Carly Simon
Stay with Me:  Sam Smith
Sugar: Maroon 5
Walk Tall: John Mellencamp
Tequila Sunrise:  Eagles
Walkaway Joe:  Trisha Yearwood
Will you love me Tomorrow:  Carol King
Thinking aloud:  Ed Sherran


  1. Wow great playlist.. very eclectic... I also have eclectic tastes. I might ad some Jan Arden, I love Macklemore, Wil who is an Albertan, Lucinda Williams "Mama you sweet" , Kings of Leon, Mumford and son, Ray LaMontagne,Ron Sexsmith God loves everyone,Imogene Heap, Cindy Lauper,Fleet Foxes...and many many more...sorry I listen to the whole cd can't think of the songs.Gary Jules, Rooney, Sarah Slean, Dr. Hook. Neil Young, Enjoy the trip and have an amazing time!! Can't wait to hear all about it!! I recently saw a journal made...a person sent home a postcard daily of everything they did that day, so they had several postcards when they returned home. They eventually bound them all together to make a great journal of the their trip.... Fun eh! ENJOY!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. love your playlist, and have a wonderful trip enjoy every second of it Lee!