August 26, 2015

Summertime blues

can you believe how august has flown by
the schools go back on the 8th of September
later every year
its cool here in the mornings, always in August
but gets hotter in the day
already feels like September
the shopper and the boyfriend are off to Palm Springs on Saturday
for a little rest and relaxation, I don't know if
they can take the heat, I know I could not
don't forget 29 faces starts on September 1
you will be so sick of my faces by then
I am working on my 2 canvases to give to my friends
I hope they like them, you will be first to see
them when I am finished.
so as you can see not much has happened around here
that is newsworthy, just enjoying the last of the
summer, what are you doing for the rest of
the summer?


  1. This art piece is gorgeous!! I love the colors and all the just screams summer.

    Mostly I'm just trying to stay cool. It's been hot hot hot here. I'm going to attempt the 29 faces this year...can't guarantee I'll finish because I know me!!

  2. Hi leekrek! I really like this piece - colorful and happy. Our schools went back this past Monday. Still hot here, but just a little cooler today.

  3. Beautiful art piece Lee and enjoying the rain we so dearly need!!

    Hugs Giggles