August 28, 2015

friday selfie , tuts, and vids

well here it is Friday again, this is me, my version anway
draw a selfie, get ready for 29 faces starting September 1
I think I should do the advertising for it, (lol)
okay you here for the tuts and the vids, and not to listen to me

since 29 faces is coming up I want you
all to participate and lets make it fun
I thought I would find some great vids of faces and I found
some great ones, that I am going to try, I need all the help I can get.

Kathy Arbour is great, she shares all her tips and techniques, I love
it when people share, don't you?
another one by Kathy arbour

a new lady I found and I like her

another great site, to show your faces,  she has a great site, she is good, really good, visit you wont be sorry

okay you need a break, here for your musical enjoyment my favourite song

Paint party Friday a place to be seen and see great artworks, inspirational

back to my favourite cooked Byron is making chicken pot pie the easy way

I like this girl |Rhomany and I like her art

baltzer design, lots of good info and a place to show
and be seen, and see another artists



  1. Good face and background, Valerie

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Susana, I went to your site but I could not leave a message, so decided on here.

  3. Good face...and thanks for all the videos. Now I know what I'll be doing this morning!

  4. What a great 'selfie'. I also really love how you did the background. The colours on this are superb. xxx

  5. ok...I could get caught up and spend the whole day on You Tube!! terrific choices in videos here...and love your selfie! ♥

  6. I love selfie paintings....very good one.

  7. Nice self portrait! And some new youtube vids to check out! Thanks for sharing these.

  8. A beautiful and expressive selfie!

    Love and hugs

  9. Another great face, Lee! I enjoy your faces so much that my Show Your Face this week was inspired by you. It was great fun trying to recreate your original look. :-) You can see the post here:

  10. (The link says "by-tiffany-hiller-no-6-2" because I copied it from the base post from the week before prior to updating with this week's information. When I saved it the first time I had forgotten to change the post title. Sadly, even after changing the title WordPress kept the original link for the post intact so the link weirdly doesn't match the post name. I'm still new a the blogging game. I reckon I'll figure it out better as I make a few mistakes. In any event, your tribute page IS linked to the weirdly linked to the post above.)

  11. Nice work. I love the colorful background. :-)

  12. Good job on the selfie. I have never gotten brave enough to do it. I'd really have to look at my face much longer than I want to these days. I took Rhomany's Portrait classes several years ago. She is a very good teacher.

  13. Fun work! Love the simplicity.

  14. Love your Selfie Lee! Just adore, thank you for linking up to Show Your Face and for the lovely shout out too! Kx