August 21, 2015

Friday Tuts and Vids

I am late today, been busy.  Costco run, made  up some food for my daughter,
getting burgers ready for tonight, you know woman's work (lol)
on to better things, the vids, again this week kind of slim pickings, but I
think I have some good for you.  So here they are

This one is Mystelle who is paintng a face, so fast looks easy, could be you never thought of this
This is one of my fav ladies her name is suzi, and she is working with wrapping paper today,
a very cool video
this is by my girl crush ceecee love the way she does this journal page

paint a face Friday very cool site to see faces, and your show your own

make your own simple art journal

baltzer designs makes a abstract page and shows it on video plus link up work art journal page

paint party Friday link up your work

if you have seen anymore that are great let me know I will post them next week.


  1. Like your three girls. I'm thinking sisters and the first one got all the brains. Probably not what you had in mind. I have a weird sense of humor. Thanks for the links. CeeCee has become one of my favorites, too.

  2. I like these three gals...they've been friends forever and know each other's secrets.

    Thanks again for the links. You find such interesting things to share with us.

  3. What wonderful faces! They look like they are thinking very interesting thoughts!

  4. Wonderful ladies!...just wondering...are they Robert Palmer's "guitar" models almost 30 years later? Hee hee! (And a video link for you: :-) )

  5. I love this trio of ladies, Lee! I am so impressed by your work! You have an original style that is all your own and your faces have such character. I am so delighted that you were Kim's inspiration this week! xx

  6. Love your faces, as you know :) and your shares! Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and for the shout out too! Kx