August 20, 2015

Thursday rembrances

I have a great friend, you know who you are ML.  She worked with me for
years, and sometimes at work she wore a scarf around her neck like this.
And I always commented on it, not my style for sure, but it looked good
on her. It was her style. When I think back to those work years, I think
two things, I made some great friends, and how the hell did I ever
work there for 35 years.  I am so happy to be retired.


  1. Yes, I agree, as I also found some great ladies working with me. I can't imagine how I ever could live without knowing them. This lady is wonderful to look at. I love her eyes!

  2. Love this gal and her scarf. I, too, made some good friends when I worked...but I never worked anyplace for 35 years! That's amazing!!

  3. Yep made life long friends at work too... 35 years is commendable!! Thankfully you have a great new path...and love your lady with the scarf. I have a few friends that are scarf fanatics. I used to be years ago...but not now!!

    Hugs Giggles