June 15, 2015

Let the bells ring out.....

today was a lucky lucky day for me and the hubster
we won a fully paid trip for 2 to Curacao a Dutch island in the Caribbean
we didn't even know we entered a contest, the hubster has an automatic
payment come off our chequing act that is a donation to the Children's hospital every month
and it had expired, so he redid it, and that the week the contest was on. They let
us know this morning that we won, I am beyond excited.  We have to use it
by the end of December, we decided we are going to go in November. 


  1. OMG congratualtions Lee..... You will LOVE it! we went to the Carribean last year and it was just magical!!!! So well done winning!

  2. Congratulations, Lee! That's fantastic.

  3. Congratulations...how thrilling for you! Very good Karma and lovely artwork too!!

    Hugs Giggles