June 13, 2015

Its Party Time

hello Saturday
hello fellow bloggers
well its Saturday and its a busy day for me
we are going to the mother in-laws 85th birthday party
I know I have to hold the excitement in
I am in charge of bringing the veggies and dip
I think we are having pulled pork
other than that the weather here has turned to crap
its windy, rainy and cold
we have to be there by 3.00 but it wont be a long night
after all she is 85 people, so I might get a little art
in.  The picture above is one I did in my sketchbook last
night while watching TV, I am quite the multitasker.
it could be a painting, if I did a few more things
to it, and different colors maybe.
Okay gotta get ready to party on down
so talk to you all soon, hopefully something exciting will happen
that I cant wait to share (lol) 


  1. Happy Birthday to your MiL!! Enjoy the party. I wish we had some of your rainy, cold weather. It's going to be 97º here today.

    I think this would be a beautiful painting...and I like the colors.

  2. Party hardy. I like your little sketch just the way it is.