May 27, 2015

when your down and troubled - eat cake

day 2 of the new blog and the test drive is feeling good
still need to find a way to get my old readers back don't want them to miss a word I say because I am so interesting (lol)
I am making cupcakes today for a friend who has too many troubles and needs cake
today is eat the fridge Wednesday that means whatever is in the fridge
all comes out and we eat it, all the leftovers whatever, good way to clean the fridge right
I am working on a swimsuit canvas and cant wait to share but I need to put paint on it first
and you know I might even have time to sit on the porch and have a glass of white wine, read a book and just relax
what's on your calendar for today?


  1. Fantastic new look!! Very clean and bright.
    Today I was running around ordering party platters for my art reception tomorrow night. I'll be glad when it's all over. Maybe now I can get back to blogging, too.

  2. Hi Lee... I'm liking the new look of this blog very much! *waving* to Janet too!
    Looking forward to seeing new art and new posts here!