September 14, 2017

thursday update

hey all, what's up with your Thursday?  Today I am meeting a friend for lunch, picking up some prints from the printer for my shop, and doing a little shopping.

The other day I fell in the tub, I know right how could that happen.  Here I was going about my own business, and then "Rub a Dub Dub Lee falls  in the tub.  I was down for the count.  Luckly the hubster was there and didn't have to call the Fire truck  for a rescue (lol).  So I am not bruised on the outside, the inside muscles and ribs are mightly sore, but its a good excuse to get out of doing housework around here for awhile.

The weather has changed from great to the leaves changing on the trees, and it getting colder.  Let me tell you people I keep my flip flops on till the very last moment before my toes freeze off.  I hate to give into winter.

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