September 11, 2017


The title says it all today is all about me rambling on.  I have been
trying to set up an esty shop.  First decided on a name, which my
friends was not easy.  Second, deciding what to put in the esty shop.  Third:  its all about shipping, I don't know about where
you live, but shipping is not cheap in Canada, so you don't want
to charge to much because then whose gonna want to buy your stuff.  That's really true, because I have gone many times to
buy something, and the shipping is more than the item I was gonna
to buy.  Fourth:  Esty wants to know all your banking information,
I mean all of it.  So I feel uneasy about that, so I decided to set up
another account just for that, which I am going to do tomorrow.  The hubster inquired if I was ever going to use that account, in meaning nobody is going to buy your stuff.  He might be right, after all what are the chances of someone coming across my esty shop right.  Its like a needle in a haystack.  But if you don't try
you don't know.

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