March 18, 2017

One Year older and not a bit smarter

Well yesterday was the last of birthdays that this girl
will be having.  I still feel like I am 30, dont look
like it but still feel like it.  When my mother was 85
she said "I still feel like that young girl I used to be,
I dont know where the years went".  

It seems to me that they fly by and you have not
accomplished anything or not all you set out to do.

This is a collage I did a while back I did a little
series of these.  I had fun doing them imagining
them in a little persons room.  And thats
where they went, I gave them to my Neice who
have two little girls.

Well today its shopping, lunch with the shopper,
and then home to work on my canvas, I am
making some good progress.

Talk to you later


  1. Perfect art for a little girl's room...or a big girl's room! Your birds are one of my favorites that you do. And your cityscapes, and your women, and your flowers...I think you get the picture!

    Happy Birthday a day late. I hope it was a good one since you say it's the last one you'll celebrate. Personally I like having more and more birthdays. It tells me I've survived another year!!

  2. Love this bird Lee! He looks very determined, as if he knows where he's going :-)

  3. Happy birthday Lee . . . your art is perfect for any room! have fun working on your latest project!

  4. Maybe it's the artist in us....keeping our child like heart in tact? I don't feel as old as I am either! :) Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo