March 18, 2017

One Year older and not a bit smarter

Well yesterday was the last of birthdays that this girl
will be having.  I still feel like I am 30, dont look
like it but still feel like it.  When my mother was 85
she said "I still feel like that young girl I used to be,
I dont know where the years went".  

It seems to me that they fly by and you have not
accomplished anything or not all you set out to do.

This is a collage I did a while back I did a little
series of these.  I had fun doing them imagining
them in a little persons room.  And thats
where they went, I gave them to my Neice who
have two little girls.

Well today its shopping, lunch with the shopper,
and then home to work on my canvas, I am
making some good progress.

Talk to you later


  1. Perfect art for a little girl's room...or a big girl's room! Your birds are one of my favorites that you do. And your cityscapes, and your women, and your flowers...I think you get the picture!

    Happy Birthday a day late. I hope it was a good one since you say it's the last one you'll celebrate. Personally I like having more and more birthdays. It tells me I've survived another year!!

  2. Love this bird Lee! He looks very determined, as if he knows where he's going :-)

  3. Happy birthday Lee . . . your art is perfect for any room! have fun working on your latest project!

  4. Maybe it's the artist in us....keeping our child like heart in tact? I don't feel as old as I am either! :) Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

  5. Perfect illustration for a childs room!! Happy belated..sorry I missed it! My mother said the same thing at fifty...I will never forget her looking in the mirror and saying her body is fifty but inside she still felt 13. Well if I was more mobile I would feel younger. Inside I am a young person with and old person wisdom..thank god!!

    Hugs Giggles