December 8, 2016

Baby its cold outside

today feels more like Christmas
its freezing cold here with a high wind chill
doesn't even want to make you go outside
Have the fireplace on , a cup of hot chocolate and a good book
I am good to go


  1. Your day is like mine is going to be tomorrow. I'd rather not go to work and head out in the cold and have a day like yours. LOVE your moose. Such a perfect symbol of winter in the north. :) Hugs-Erika

  2. What a lovely piece! Stay warm inside!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Lovely piece. It's cold here, too! Hugs, Valerie

  4. We have temps that are fairly mild right now. No snow or freezing weather for us. But a nice fire in the fireplace is one of my favorite things...along with a good book and something hot to drink.

  5. Sounds ideal, Lee.
    I do like your Moose painting a lot.

  6. Wonderful to visit your blog again!! This lil Moose is my absolute favorite! He is to kiss for! ♥ Conny