December 8, 2016

Christmas Traditions

Do you have a christmas tradition that has been passed down that you still practice.  At christmas with my parents , only one person passed out the presents, and the next present was not passed out , until all the people had opened their present, and properly ohed and ahed over.  We still practice that tradition in my house.


  1. Your Santa lady is so cute. Her smile says "I've got a secret!"

    We do the same thing with our presents. That way everyone gets to see all the presents and they aren't just focused on "me me me"! We don't have too many traditions that have been handed down. We open presents on Christmas morning once everyone is gathered together. Kids get to have their stockings while they're waiting to open presents. When my family was much bigger, we drew names and bought just one gift for someone rather than trying to buy something for each person. Much easier and much more fun, too.

  2. Lovely painting. I do't celebrate anything these days....Hugs, Valerie