June 2, 2015

Hello June

hello June, its a busy month, a sad month, a happy month
its my mothers birthday and I still miss her everyday
its my mother inlaws 85 birthday and the family is going to celebrate
I still have quite figured out how to let some of my readers know
I have moved, I quess I will let it go and just get new readers right.
Today I am meeting two friends for lunch and a catch
up ,these are the friends I go to Phoenix with every year.
Devil Dog went yesterday to get a clip and curl.  She
hates it and cried the whole time in the car, I don't know
how she knew where she was going but she did.
I made a chicken stew in the crockpot for tonight's dinner,
its rainy and cool, just right for chicken stew.
Then its off to the hospital to visit my friend. 
Okay that's my day in a nutshell, so boring I know.  What's
on your schedule today?



  1. Lee, did you put a link on your old blog to send people over here? That might help. And when you visit other blogs it should leave your new blog address. I'm just now getting caught up after my art show. I'll be more consistent about visiting now.

    I really like this collage. I love skulls and anatomy drawings. You did good!!

  2. Did you change oh maybe that's why it's not coming up on my side bar.... hmm do what Janet said! Can't you move your whole blog over? I see there is nothing in your archives!!

    Hugs Giggles