June 22, 2015

sometimes it takes a whole village.....

I am still trying to get my style in the cityscapes..I am not to happy with them. Something is missing.  Today its all about me and my friend meeting up
for lunch and a little girl on girl catch-up and start planning the Oct trip
again.  Then its home because I am having the lady next door (we are friends)
over for a bbq, burgers and Caesar salad, and carrot cake.  As she is
leaving tomorrow on a trip, so I thought give her a break and I will cook.
So that is it for my day and night.  Except I will do anything it seems not
to work on that canvas in the studio, what is stopping me, fear of failure


  1. I think your style is great...I'm not sure anything is missing except your confidence in yourself.

  2. This is so amazing...I love this so much! I have always loved houses in artwork...I have two wall paper boarders in my home in the eighties that were cool houses.... these are just fabulous.... looks like Vancouver or any other major city!! Enjoy the day! Inspirational!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I would agree with Janet. I like your painting.