May 30, 2015

my summer bucket list

There's things I want to do this summer and I am putting them on my bucket list
I want to swim in the ocean
lose 10 lbs (its good just to put that on there just in case I happen to lose 10 lbs)
 10 miles in one day (practice required for this)
ride a bike daily just to ride
read 10 new books
bake a fruit pie from scratch crust included and eat it (not the whole thing)
try a food I have never eaten before
go on a road trip with the shopper (aka the daughter)
volunteer at the food bank
start planning a wedding (fingers crossed)
have the best summer of my life


  1. I am totally ripping off your idea and making a list for my summer. And if I am lucky, I may be able to get the boy to help with the pie. He has asked about the idea of "making something from scratch". Good challenge and a good pie. Can't wait. First I have to make the list.

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  3. Do it! You're very fortunate if you are able to do all this!! Oh and use tenderflake and the recipe on the back if you want an excellent crust...and if you want apple try it with transparent apples...they are only in season a short time...but oh so good they make perfect apple pie like mom used to make!!

    Hugs Giggles