August 19, 2017

Hey Saturday

I thought I would do the blog before I went out to enjoy my Saturday.  What , am I going to do today, I am going shopping
with the daughter.  I am looking at the sales, there are a million of them on right now.  Going to the Michaels to spend my 50 percent off.  Home to sit on the deck and enjoy the nice weather, and a
bbq of Salmon for dinner tonight.  Okay I am not having the Salmon, because I don't like it, I am having shrimp on the BBQ.  Ok I am off to enjoy this beautiful Saturday....


  1. Happy Saturday , thanks for sharing your lovely journal page before going out to dinner

    much love...

  2. How sweet! I love how real this looks - hair falling over eyes and all. Her shirt is so well painted. Great job!

  3. Love your gorgeous girl. Hope you enjoyed your Saturday shopping and BBQ. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie r

  4. I love this stunning gal....I feel like it's her she your alter ego? Loving this new work...great pattern and dimension! Love only good rich red salmon, spring, cohoe, sockeye and shrimp too!! Yum

    Peace Giggles

  5. I went to Michael too Sat. . . but hate shopping per se. Salmon and Shrimp are faves. Your gal is so much fun. Blessings, Janet

  6. It's great to see you being back in blogger's world :) Yes, it's really cool and I still love your beautiful avant-garde ladies!