April 11, 2017

The Cat came back

The title has nothing to do with my post.
I havent been great posting lately, but
I have been busy finishing up a bunch
of projects that I was committed to
doing. One was a pot that I painted
for a friend.  And a canvas picture
for a lovely couple, (my daughters
inlaws).  They have been away
in Palm Springs for the winter
so I had lots of time to finish.  So
today is the day they come home
and today is the day I finished.
See I really use my time wisely (lol).
Just got home from that giant
money pit Costco, and of course
bought more that I planned for.
Okay I am going to try and post
on a more regular basis.



  1. Fantastic Lee, love the cat.

  2. Blogging is sometimes almost a chore! I need to work at it now whereas before I couldn't wait to post something new. I'm glad you're posting even if it isn't every day. Love the cat!
    PS - I avoid Costco. HB says it's $100 just to walk in the door! And with only two people most of their things are too big for us to use.

  3. Love this cat and yes I agree with Janet blogging can be a chore at times. Especially after 11 years of it!! I have done pieces for charity and it's very stressful. I am always under the gun. If I could just do something and say here have it that would work a lot better for me. When it's specific I panic a bit! I think many people are the same. I'm sure they will both love what you have done!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Hello Lee, love the title and the cat looks as if he is putting a brave face on it.
    I have to say I love making art and blogging about it and if I found it a chore would give it up.
    Hope you don't do that.