February 6, 2017

A little of this and that

hola, I have  not been here in awhile, don't have much to say
and I really don't think you want to know how boring my life is.
Lets see I have been sketching in my sketchbook, some ideas
for paintings.  I have been cooking new recipes, when
was the last time you had beef stew? I cant remember ,that's
the last time I had it, so I am making it today, a skinny-taste
version, and right now its in the crockpot and my house smells
heavenly.  I hope the stew matches the flavor, I didn't use
stewing beef, I used a Top Sirloin . 
The weather is crap again, but it is February and that
means spring is much closer.  
The hubster has the bad flu that is going around here, as well
as all our other friends, I have been able to miss it so
far.  You know you get that flu shot, and its hit or miss
that they got the right vaccine for that flu  that going to come.
Looks like they missed it this year.
Been watch alot of youtube videos on my TV , I love
that it makes the videos so much more interesting
when you see them on the big
   Okay that's the
extent of my news, boring, I know but that's what 
happens when you retire.  I am thinking about 
volunteering a few days a week, but have to
find something that interests me.



  1. Your life sounds pretty much like mine except I don't do much cooking. HB made himself some crockpot pot roast last week. I stick to simple things like soup where I throw in everything I have in the fridge!

    LOVE the plants growing in pots. They look great against that orange/salmon background.

  2. Your life is similar to mine..lol-
    Love your sketches - great!

  3. Best life ever...how many years did you have to wait to be able to say this!! Love your plants!! Maybe do like Janet and teach a little art journeling class at a seniors center? Hope you find something you like!!

    Hugs Giggles