January 30, 2017

A little of this and that

Its been a few days since I last posted.  As usual not much is new around here.  Except we have been having wonderful weather, temps above zero, the snow is melting,the roads are great to drive on, what more could you ask for in January.  Usually January is full on cold weather, low temps, snow , wind and cold.  So I have been taking advantage of the nice temps and getting out, shopping,
picture taking, walking, and watching.  Looking for inspiration in the outdoors.  It seems
in winter my inspiration is at a low, but still have the itch to be creative.

The creative group I belong to is doing artist trading cards on Thursday.  I have
not done a card in years, so am definitely looking forward to creating some.

I broke down the other day and went to Michaels and bought some of Jane
Davenports mermaid brush pens.  I love them, did my due diligence
first, read up on them, saw people review them, and decided on them.
They arent a cheap investment, regular price here in Canada is
$44.00 so I had a 40 percent coupon, wished for 55 percent, but when it was 55 percent they put the Jane Davenport items on for 30 percent.  They get you coming and going.
The other day I made lasagna rolls, so good, since I am dieting easy to count,
easy to make and so good I recommend them.

Ok well I should go, I am going to the art room, to tidy up.  I look at the
studios on line and think why is mine not like that, they must be the
kind that put away as they go.  I am here to testify that I am not
like that.



  1. Cute gal! She looks determined and I like that.

    I often think about ATCs and how many I used to make. Not many people make them anymore and that's a shame. They're so quick and fun.

    Your comments about your studio sure ring true with me, too. I am not a person who cleans up as I go either. When I'm in the creative mood cleaning up is the last thing on my mind. Consequently my studio is usually not picture-perfect!

  2. I highly doubt their studios are perfect all the time...just for photos. I know many people who have been in magazines with their studios but the rest of the time an art disaster!! Love your girl in the blue dress and the way the sunlight in the photograph hits her!!

    Hugs Giggles